Top 30 Best Universities In Kenya

When it comes to higher education, you want to choose a university that will train and equip you with the latest skills in the market. Kenya has great public and private universities that have produced skilled individuals over years. These universities continue to attract both local and international students.

Just last year Business Insider released a report on best University in Africa offering advanced and the best quality education. From the report, only one university from Kenya made it to the top 10,University Of Nairobi. The university emerged position 8.

While the quality of education is one thing, the environment in which you study and live is another thing. Universities that caters for students’ welfare and their general well-being while on campus also tend to post great results among trainees. Students find their lives much easier in such institutions thanks to the favorable learning environment.

The job market is changing each and every day, and employers are currently keen on who to employ based on the universities they came from as well. This shows that employers are looking beyond qualifications on paper, the reputation of the University students graduated from is becoming a factor on the suitability of the candidates. Many employers are not only looking for the competencies but at moral standards and values of the graduates as well.

Here are some of the top universities that offer top notch training, offer great learning environment to their students and report high employerbility rate as well;

Top 30 Best Universities In Kenya
  1. Daystar University
  2. University Of Nairobi
  3. JKUAT University
  4. USIU University
  5. KCA University
  6. Moi University
  7. Kenyatta University
  8. Lukenya University
  9. Egerton University
  10. Kabarak University
  11. University Of Eldoret
  12. Mount Kenya University
  13. St. Paul’s University
  14. Dedan Kimathi University
  15. Masinde Muliro University
  16. Laikipia University
  17. Chuka University
  18. Kenya Methodist University
  19. Maasai Mara University
  20. The Catholic University Of Eastern Africa
  21. The Co-operative University
  22. Kibabii University
  23. University of Eastern Africa Baraton
  24. Kaimosi Friends University College
  25. Kabianga University
  26. Technical University
  27. Kisii University
  28. Kenya Highlands University
  29. Kirinyaga University
  30. Garissa University

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