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As a student in Kenya looking for a side hustle has become a norm and now almost all college and university students are looking for a way to make money as they study. A majority of students are on the hunt for the next opportunity to make that extra cash as they study due to high cost of living.
As a result, an overwhelming majority of Kenyan students strive to make ends meet. The little capital their parents give them is not enough to cover for their school fees, rent, buy food and for academic purposes like printing assignments. In order to survive this therefore, students have to find other means to make extra money. If you are already looking for legal business ideas to make extra money as a student in Kenya, then here is a review of top 10 side hustles for a university student:

  1. Tutor your fellow students

If you are good in a certain topic, subject or a course, then you can make money in campus. You can do it by teaching your fellow students or even doing coaching in high school or even primary school pupils. You will have to look into tutoring in institutions that offer this or even ask your neighbors and people around your area if they would like to hire you. You need to be able to show that you did well in school and can impact knowledge to their children.

  1. Design websites

This is one of the best ways to make money as a university student. As long as you have an internet-enabled computer, a stable internet connection in your computer, some basic graphic and website design skills, you could easily make that extra money. A good platform to find customers from is freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, up work market place etc. if you are studying computer science, then website development side hustles could be perfect for you. You can create websites on the side for clients and get paid without having to miss too many classes. This might even help with your coursework.

  1. Sell boiled eggs/ smokies/chips

This is a great side hustle for students who are free in the afternoons and can make side money by selling boiled eggs, smokies or chips. you will need some space to sell these. However, if you are selling boiled eggs and smokies, you can get a second hand trolley and hawk your products around school compound or in a nearby centre.

  1. Bartender/waiter and waitress

When we think of bartenders, we think of violent and immoral. Be that as it may be, this is not the case everywhere. Many campus students are embracing this side hustle to make them earn money for their extra uses. Most alcohol brands when marketing their products in clubs or events hire young people to do the activation and the pay comes to an average of ksh.1500 per day plus tips. If this is too much for you, then you can opt to become a waiter/waitress at a restaurant.

  1. Do laundry on weekends

Weekends can become money making days in the laundry industry for students who wish to earn a living through a side hustle. As a student you can use the weekends when the class are not on to do laundry work for neighbors. By walking door to do and requesting for laundry jobs, you will start building a clientele base slowly by slowly and within no time you will have a chain of clients who will be needing your services.
This will then develop to be a great opportunity to make that extra coin and within no time you will be able to generate earnings from laundry work that you can survive on for the whole week.

  1. Sell mitumba clothes

Mitumba clothes can be a real deal for majority of students as this is the quickest ways to make money as a student. You do not need to have thousands of shillings to buy a whole bale of mitumba and start your business. The easiest to begin this business with less capital is buy buying some pieces of clothes from Mitumba sellers the resell them to your neighbors.
The greatest client base for this type of business is your fellow students. This way you will grow your customer base with time and the profit earned from this will grow. You will entirely be able to make your living at campus on selling mitumba clothes and have that much needed pocket money.

  1. Become a boda boda rider

As a Kenyan student, boda-boda riding can be a great way to make extra money if you don’t have ongoing classes. For this, you can either buy a second hand motorbike or hire one for some time until you make enough money to buy your own. The best time to operate as a boda-boda rider is on weekends, in the night, hours that you are free from classes or even on holidays.

  1. Become a baby sitter

Whether you are at a rural campus or in the bustling big city, it is likely; you will have friends and families who are looking for babysitters. If you like watching children up your alley and you want some extra cash; you can become a part-time babysitter. All you need is a big compound for the children to have enough space to play.

  1. Photography

Photography has evolved over time and students are the biggest clients for this type of business. Students need more sharp and clear photos and they are ready to pay for these services. Unfortunately many lack professional photographers to do the work and relaying on their smartphones for clear and sharp photos just do not work.
By getting a good camera and practicing how to take quality photos will help you launch a whole new career that is much profitable.

  1. Start a part-time salon

Starting your own part time hair salon could be a great way to make some cash on the side while you are studying. You will need some equipment and space to set up the business. If you can’t get a business space, you can use your dorm room and work when you don’t have classes or even at night.
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