KCB Mtaani Agent Withdrawal Charges

Withdrawing cash from your KCB bank account has now been made much easier and affordable thanks to the various KCB Mtaani agents available in almost all town centres with over 1500 agents spread across the country.
The amount you will be charged from your nearest KCB Mtaani agent will largely depends on the amount of money you wish to withdraw. For instance, you will be charged Ksh. 20 to withdraw any amount less than Ksh.2000. On the other hand Ksh.32 will be deducted from your account to be able to withdraw between Ksh.2001 and Ksh 5,000.
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Apart from the KCB Mtaani Agents, other available options KCB customers can use to withdraw money from their accounts include; Over the counter withdrawal, ATMs, Mobile banking, internet banking pesa link and Money Transfer Services.
The below table illustrates the rates you will be charged by KCB for various services.

Rates and Fees
  • Stop Cheque Payments Kes 450
  • Balance Enquiry Kes 10
  • Transfer Own Account Kes 50
  • Statement Access Including Mini Statement Kes 100
  • Transfer (Third Party) Accounts in KCB Kes 50
  • Cheque Book Order Kes 750 (subject to changes in SSRC)
  • Bill/Tax Payments Kes 30
  • Standing Order Setup Kes 250
  • Bulk Processing (Internal Accounts) Kes 100
  • Bulk Processing (EFT) Kes 150
  • Bulk Processing (RTGS) Kes 500
  • Swift transfer Kes 2000

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