EdTech Online Learning Solutions Available for Kenyan Learners

The onset of Covid-19 pandemic has for sure accelerated the need to embrace Education Technology popularly referred to as EdTech.
Many platforms that offer online learning have come up and now Kenyan learners both in primary and secondary schools have had a test of this form of learning in one way or another. This was primarily common in higher level of our learning institutions. However, the trend is now trickling down to minor learners.
The recently concluded KCPE results have shown that indeed both learning sessions carried out via radio, TV and other online learning platforms among the zoom, organized WhatsApp groups and on demand mobile apps contributed alot to the success of Kenyan learners.
It is this emerging trend that has led to some parents fully adopting the EdTech for their childrens’ education.
Whether you need your child to remain angaged fully or partly through  EdTech programs, it is important to know some available EdTech platforms that offer learning by use of technology.
There are various online platforms that can be useful in helping learners gain knowledge that would have otherwise been gained through physical learning.

EdTech Platforms for online learning in Kenya
  1. Eneza Education
  2. Kenya Education Cloud
  3. Ubongo
  4. e-Elimu
  5. Tusome
  6. e-Kitabu
  7. M-Shule
  8. Longhorn online education program

So what does each provide;

1. Eneza Education.

Eneza Education is a phone-based platform for students and teachers to access and use learning materials

2. Kenya Education Cloud

Kenya Education Cloud is a government initiative aimed at offering comprehensive basic education virtually

3. Ubongo Kids

Ubongo Kids is a multi-platform education content that helps kids learn and leverage that knowledge for a better future.

4. e-Elimu

e-Elimu is a mobile app created to reinforce learners’ literacy skills through videos and games;

5. Tusome

Tusome is a national literacy programme that uses digitized teaching materials and a tablet-enabled feedback system.

6. e-Kitabu

eKitabu delivers access to books through digital content eBooks for education. This open source platform provides: Utilization of content by students and teachers by access of government approved reading materials including textbooks and story books, measures students literacy through exam scores and digital essay competition metrics.

7. M-shule

M-Shule is an SMS knowledge-building platform that helps organisations deliver Learning, Evaluation, Activation, and Data tools across East Africa

8. Longhorn eLearning program

Longhorn eLearning Platform is a digital product of Longhorn Publishers Limited. The platform provides hundreds of online courses to help your child learn, develop and grow.

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