Web Search Engine Companies Compelled to Explain Search Ranking Algorithm

Major players in the internet search among them Google, Amazon and travel websites have been asked to make public and explain the algorithm they use to rank search results.
The European Union this week published a set of guidelines on its website to be used so businesses can increase their visibility online. According to EU Digital Chief Magrethe Vestager, the guidelines “set the standard for algorithmic ranking transparency.”
The search engines and online platforms will be required to identify the factors used by their algorithms to make results rank highly. The guidelines also state that they will be required to declare when a prominent listing is paid for.
Giant search Engine Google has severally found its self in a hot sit and has been accused severally for foul play and unfair completion when it comes to ranking of websites and content. This has seen it face several law suits.
Google was targeted by an antitrust fine in 2017 over the placement of its own search ads which saw rivals’ get demoted.
Upcoming and small search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo have been facing a stiff completion from the dominant search engines.
Content creators have also accused the big players search as Google for placing promoted content before their posts terming the decision as unfair and against the companies’ policies
The announcement comes as the EU regulators are seeking to rein on Big Tech through a legislation process.
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