Dr Stephen Mogusu wrote an emotional letter days before he succumbed to Covid-19

On Monday 7th December the Doctors union announced it had lost yet another doctor to Covid-19. The victim Dr Stephen Mogusu had been battling Covid-19 for days and had made it public. Through one of his posts on social media Dr Mogusu penned down an emotional letter to his fellow doctors, his last words indicating he was a distressed and frustrated man.
In his letter Mogusu detailed the pain and sufferings he was going through among them lack of pay for the last 5 months.
“My dear colleagues, let me admonish you today to get your pay or get out while you can with your health or life intact,” the note, which carried his last words, began.
Dr Mogusu went on to warn his colleagues to save themselves from the health institution.
“Usually I’d write and write but today I just want to say save your miserable selves from these institutions. You’ll live to earn again,” he stated.

Dr Mogusu
A screenshot of Dr Mogusu WhatsApp message he shared with colleagues.

Dr Mogusu was only 28 years old with a bright future that was eventually cut short by Covid-19 pandemic.
Dorctors’ Union KMPDU said that at the time of his death he had not received his salary for five months, had no insurance and his young family left with no compensation. Too steep a price for patriotism.
Dr Mogusu had been in the ICU ward at Kenyatta University Teaching Research and Referral Hospital where he was fighting for his life breathe through machines.
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According to a report from The Star, Dr Mogusu was affiliated to Stablehealth Medicare Clinic, a private hospital in Kitengela.
His death brings the total to 13 doctors who have died of Coronavirus since the pandemic reached Kenya. At least 26 nurses and nine clinical officers have also died. In total, the pandemic has killed 1,531 Kenyans.
According to Stablehealth Medicare, Dr Mogusu was one of 13 doctors affiliated to the facility, which has several branches in Nairobi.
The facility says Dr Mogusu was experienced in comprehensive home health care, management of chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension and cancer support clinic or home setting.
The death of Dr. Mogusu and his last words sends a clear indication that doctors’ welfare in the country needs to be addressed.
His death comes at a time nurses and clinical workers have begun a national wide strike.