Safaricom Introduces Baze- A video content platform. Here is how you can Join

If you are a content creator in Kenya, especially video content creator, then Baze by Safaricom is the best way to monetize your videos and make money from your videos.
Baze- a video subscription service allows Safaricom customers to access short videos streamed over the Internet on smart phone handsets.
Baze is the new Video content platform to showcase your work while at the same time helps you to acquire new audiences and boost your overall revenues.
After the success of the widely known Skiza Tunes audio content, Safaricom has decided to venture into the video content market.
Just like Viusasa that has over the past months attracted content creators from Kenya and beyond, Baze seems to have borrowed the same idea and now content creators have a wider audience to share their creative work with while at the same time earning from it.

Eligibility to Join Baze

So who can join Blaze?
Safaricom requires that before you can apply and join Baze, you must have at least 50 Hours of packaged content ready for distribution. This implies that you need to have several pieces of your work of at least 50 Hours of Packages content.
Baze also requires that you must have experience in aggregating content, packaging, and repackaging content.
Apart from the two, you must own the rights to distribute the content before presenting it to Baze.

How to Join Baze,

Just like Skiza Tune services, you will have to register with an aggregator company to be able to Join Baze. This means your will not deal with Safaricom-Baze directly. Currently there are twelve aggregators content creators can register with to join Baze.
Among aggregators that provide Baze services include; M-Tech Limited, Onfon Media, Spice Vas Kenya, Play Communication Limited among others.
To make your application to Join Baze, fill the online application form available on the Safaricom website. Once you complete the form, Safaricom Video team will reach out to discuss further and if you meet the requirements, you will then be onboarded as a Video Content Service Provider.
The below requirements are key for any applicant who wishes to Join Baze

Key Baze Requirements for Video content Creators
  1. Video Application Form
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. Documents evidencing the company’s obligations to pay tax in its jurisdiction (duly signed if a local company or notarized by a notary public if a foreign company)
  4. Company CR12 -List of Directors) (3 months current on submission date, duly certified if a local company or notarized by a notary public if a foreign company)
  5. Copies of licenses in showing it rights to or has obtained the requisite licenses to the content including rights to distribute.
  6. Copies of Content Service Provider License from CAK
  7. Content rating approval from Kenya Films Board
  8. Bank Account Details

Safricom Baze requires that all copies must be duly certified by an Advocate of the High Court before uploading and submitting them.

How to Subsribe to Baze

Safaricom customers can subscribe to Baze services and access endless video contents. To use the Baze service you must have an active subscription. To subscribe to Baze, dial *544*55#. The subscriptions includes payment of Ksh 10 (content with no data) or 20 (content with data) per day using Airtime/Mpesa/Credit limit.
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The subscription will be on auto renewed but Safaricom customers will be able to unsubscribe by dialing *544*35#.

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