Kenya’s Digitized Bidding and Tendering Platform Now Available for SME’s

Small and medium size businesses in Kenya now have an opportunity to bid for tenders and also get the necessary support on tendering process.
This is following the introduction of scale, a first Kenya’s fully digitized tender management system for SME’s.
The platform provides free access to tender opportunities, most affordable prices and an all round cool team to support you.
Scale aims to solve a major problem for the over 1.6 million SMEs in Kenya who are either underserved or completely ignored by the existing procurement tools in the market.
This platform directly targets your business to help you Improve your tender preparation process to allow for increased productivity by responding to opportunities faster, cheaper, better and consistently.
Many businesses are usually left behind when it comes to tendering processes due to significant time and costly resources in the preparation and compilation of the paperwork, making it stressful, complex and expensive for small businesses.
“We are using technology to fully digitize the process and improve the capacity of these businesses to bid confidently and win more tenders,” said Marvin Tumbo, Co-founder and CEO of Scale.
Already, over 3000 businesses have signed up on Scale to discover tender opportunities, digitally prepare their bids/proposals and manage all their tendering documentation, in one place.
Scale is a fully digitized subscription-based solution platform that is accessible online from anywhere and at any time.
Scale doesn’t just stop at free tender opportunities, they provide you with all the essential tools to digitally prepare and submit your tender responses so you can apply for more tenders and win. This way, they shorten the time it takes to prepare tender responses by reducing the physical paperwork involved and cut down on the overall cost of finding business opportunities and bidding for them.
Furthermore, Scale comes with an expansive knowledge base that provides information and tips on how SMEs can continuously improve their business skills and tendering capacity as they utilize the platform. SMEs can finally Bid with Confidence.
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Scale also allows you to digitally store all your business documents securely in the platform. This makes them easily retrievable for all your tender responses.

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