List of Milk ATM Machine Suppliers in Kenya

Kenya has a number of manufacturers and suppliers of Milk ATM machines that business people can source from.
If you are in dairy business, then buying a milk ATM machine should be your top priority as this will go along way in ensuring you preserve milk properly and that you give your customers the best services.
Apart from having an advanced cooling system, a milk ATM machine plays a bigger role in sales and automation of your prices and quantity of milk.
But where can you buy a milk ATM machine? This article is a complete guide to places you can get milk ATM machines.
But first, you can get Milk ATM machines directly from manufacturers or suppliers of the machine. Whether you are in Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kakamega or even Mombasa, there are various Milk ATM machine suppliers that can deliver the machine to you once you place your order.

Milk ATM Machine Suppliers in Kenya

  • Octacon Africa

Octagon Africa are suppliers of 300 Litres Milk ATMs sourced from reputable manufacturers  from around the world. The 300 Litres Milk ATM from Octagon goes at a price of Ksh. 310,000
Octagon Africa is a leading regional financial services provider offering pension and insurance services to individuals, nonprofit, public and private sector organizations.
They also provide training and property management services for pension schemes to their clientele. Octagon was in 2016 named the best pension provider by World Finance, a leading global authoritative finance magazine.

  • Cuma Refrigeration Limited

CUMA East Africa Limited manufactures milk dispensers commonly referred to as milk ATM . Their dispensers are convenient for vending milk in shops or supermarkets.
They manufacture dispensers of different carrying capacity as per the customer’s needs and preference. CUMA Milk ATM manufacturers in Kenya do branding of the dispensers as per the client’s descriptions.
They have various sizes of milk dispensers starting from 100 litres to 300 litres.

  • Ice World Kenya

Ice World Kenya are manufactures of milk dispensers and salad oil dispensers commonly referred to as milk ATM’s and salad oil ATM’s respectively.
The dispensers are convenient for vending milk and cooking oil in a shop or a supermarket. Ice World Kenya manufactures the dispensers of different carrying capacity as per the customer’s needs and preference. They also do branding of the dispensers as per the client’s descriptions.
Prices of their dispensers range between Ksh. 100,000 to Ksh.170,000
Ice World Kenya have proven to have unmatched commitment coupled with cutting edge research by their team that guarantees finest products and services available anywhere.

  • Saset

Saset is a leading supplier of milk ATMs in Kenya. The Company engages in the production and assembly of Salad Oil ATM’s, Milk Vending ATM’s, Dairy Equipment, Water filling station and Automatic gates among other services.
SASET Technical Services has clientele cutting across various sectors in the manufacturing, construction and independent Small and Medium Enterprises.
SASET Contact Information
Location: Along Thika superhighway KIMBO (Ruiru) TOLL NEXT TO KENOL PETROL STATION – Exit 13
Phone Number: 0726 747 403 | 0783 74 74 03
Website –

  • Dairy Africa

Dairy Africa source their Milk ATM machines from reputable manufacturers from around the world.
Dairy Africa Limited is a dairy value chain consulting company based in Nairobi Kenya. They offer consultancy services to farmers, dairy cooperatives and dairy traders associations. Additionally, they offer management consultancy
Dairy Africa deals with, Milk parlors, Feeding equipment, in parlor automatic feeders, batch feeders, out of parlor feeders, dry cow feeding systems among others
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  • Vida Trading Limited

Vida Trading Limited is one of the top leading companies in the Kenya in the production of ” Vending Machines ” i.e. vending machines for drinks , coffee, snacks, ice cream and frozen food. Since its inception, VIDA has had the sensibility to understand the new needs of the ” self-service food distribution ” market , expanding the production of automatic vending machines even in the market segment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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