Meru University Masters Degree Programs

To study a masters degree from Meru University you need to be a holders of Bachelors degree – first (1st) or second (2nd) class honours, upper division degree in related fields from Meru University or an institution recognized by Meru University senate. Among the programs includes; Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, MSc. Medical Education, Master of Science in Pure Mathematics among others.

Meru University’s master’s degree programs provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students for leadership roles and impactful contributions in their respective industries. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to deepen your understanding of a subject or a mid-career professional aiming to enhance your qualifications, Meru University offers a diverse portfolio of master’s degree programs designed to meet the evolving demands of the global job market.

By enrolling in a master’s degree program at Meru University, students gain a competitive edge, expand their professional networks, and position themselves for career advancement and leadership opportunities. In this introduction, we will explore the diverse array of master’s degree programs offered by Meru University and the transformative opportunities they provide for academic and professional growth.

List Of All Meru University Masters Degree Programs
1 MSc. Food Science and Technology
2 MSc. Horticulture
3 Master of Science in Agriculture
4 Master of Business Administration
5 MSc. Entrepreneurship
6 Master of Science in Finance
7 Master of Science in Supply Chain Management
8 Online Master of Business Administration
9 MSc. Computer Science
10 Master of Science in Data Science
11 Master of Science in Information Technology
12 Master of Science in Sanitation
13 MSc. Medical Education
14 MSc. Public Health
15 MSc. Epidemiology
16 MSc. Nursing
17 MSc. Applied Mathematics
18 MSc. Applied Statistics
19 MSc. Chemistry
20 MSc. Physics
21 MSc. Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management
22 MSc. Entomology
23 MSc. Molecular Biology
24 Master of Science in Pure Mathematics


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  2. Meru University Diploma Programs

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