Meru University Diploma Programs

With a strong focus on industry relevance and career readiness, Meru University’s diploma programs equip students with the necessary expertise to excel in today’s competitive job market. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a working professional seeking to enhance your qualifications, Meru University’s diploma programs offer a pathway to acquiring specialized knowledge and gaining a competitive edge in your desired profession.

To study any diploma course from Meru University, one must have attained a minimum Mean Grade of C (plain) at KCSE with a pass in related subjects or a certificate from a recognized institution. Among the the diploma courses offered by Meru university include; Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Marketing, Diploma in Information Science, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering among others.

By enrolling in one of these diploma programs, students can embark on a rewarding educational journey that sets them on a path to personal and professional success. In this introduction, we will explore the diverse range of diploma programs offered by Meru University and how they can shape your future career aspirations.

List of All Meru University Diploma Programs
1 Diploma in Electrical Engineering
2 Diploma in Mechatronic Technology
3 Diploma in Automotive Engineering
4 Diploma in Mechanical Production Technician
5 Diploma in Building Technician
6 Diploma in Construction Management
7 Diploma in Business Management
8 Diploma in Supply Chain Management
9 Diploma in Project Management
10 Diploma in Human Resource Management
11 Diploma in Marketing
13 Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
14 Diploma in Information Communication Technician
15 Diploma in Agriculture
16 Diploma in Agricultural Extension
17 Diploma in Horticultural Production
18 Diploma in Agripreneurship
19 Diploma in Information Science
20 Diploma in Information Communication Technology
21 Diploma in Catering and Accommodation
22 Diploma in Water and Sanitation Engineering
23 Diploma in Civil Engineering
24 Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
25 Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology
26 Diploma in Welding and Fabrication
27 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option)
28 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Construction Plant)
29 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Construction Plant)
30 Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
31 Diploma in Applied Biology
32 Diploma in Baking Technology
33 Diploma in Food and Beverage Sales Management
34 Diploma in Environmental Science and Technology
35 Diploma in Sales and Marketing


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