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Meru University Bachelors Degree Programs

Meru University offers a diverse selection of bachelor’s degree programs tailored to meet the demands of various industries and professions. Through rigorous coursework, innovative teaching methods, and opportunities for practical application, the university ensures that students develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deep understanding of their chosen disciplines.

To pursue a undergraduate degree course at Meru University you must  have a minimum KCSE Mean grade of C+ (Plus) or a diploma in related field. Some of the programs offered by the university include; BSc. Hospitality and Tourism, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Communication and Journalism, BSc. Public Health, Bachelor of Business Administration among others.

By choosing a bachelor’s degree program at Meru University, students gain not only a respected qualification but also the confidence and skills necessary to thrive in their future careers. In this introduction, we will explore the breadth and depth of Meru University’s bachelor’s degree programs and the transformative opportunities they provide for personal and professional growth.

Meru University Bachelors Degree Programs
1 BSc. Food Science and Nutrition
2 BSc. Food Science and Technology
3 BSc. Horticulture
4 BSc. Agribusiness Management
5 BSc. Agricultural Education and Extension
6 BSc. Agriculture
7 BSc. Animal Health and Production
8 BSc. Food Science and Management
9 BSc. Crop protection
10 BSc. Hospitality and Tourism
11 MSc. Food Science and Technology
12 MSc. Horticulture
13 Bachelor of Commerce
14 Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
15 Bachelor of Business Administration
16 Bachelor of Cooperative Management
17 BSc. Economics
18 Bachelor of Science in Finance
19 Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
20 BSc. Applied Accounting
21 BSc. Economics and Statistics
22 Bachelor of Business Information Technology
23 BSc. Computer Science
24 BSc. Computer Technology
25 BSc. Information Technology
26 BSc. Computer Security and Forensics
27 BSc. Information Science
28 Bachelor of Science in Data Science
29 Bachelor of Communication and Journalism
30 BTech. Civil Engineering
31 BTech. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
32 BTech. Mechanical Engineering
33 BSc. Architectural Studies/Bachelor of Architecture
34 BSc. Sanitation and Waste Management
35 BEd. Arts
36 BEd. Science
37 Bachelor of Education Technology in Mechanical Engineering
38  Bachelor of Education Technology in Civil Engineering
39  Bachelor of Education Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
40 BSc. Public Health
41 BSc. Clinical Medicine and Community Health
42 BSc. Community Health and Development
43 BSc. Health Records and Information Management
44 BSc. Medical laboratory Sciences
45 BSc. Medical Microbiology
46 BSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
47 BSc. Nursing
48 BSc. Health Systems Management
49 BSc. Midwifery
50 MSc. Nursing
51  Bachelor of Science (Physics)
52 Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
53 Bachelor of Science (Zoology)
54 Bachelor of Science (Botany)
55 BSc. Mathematics
56 Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Physics)
57 Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
58 BSc. Actuarial Science
59 BSc. Mathematics and Computer Science
60 BSc. Physical Science and Biological Science
61 BSc. Statistics
62 BSc. Environmental Science and Resource Management
63 Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


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