10 Best University Scholarships in Kenya

Embarking on a university education is a transformative journey, but the financial demands can be a significant hurdle for many Kenyan students. Fortunately, various scholarships are available to support these students in pursuing higher education and realizing their academic aspirations. In this article, we will explore the 10 best university scholarships in Kenya, providing a guide for ambitious students seeking financial assistance to further their studies.

1. Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program – Kenya

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program continues its impact at the university level, offering comprehensive scholarships to Kenyan students. This program supports both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, focusing on leadership and community development. Scholars benefit from tuition, accommodation, books, and a stipend for personal expenses.

2. Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) Scholarships

HELB, known for providing loans to students, also offers scholarships to financially needy and academically gifted individuals. These scholarships cover tuition fees and other related costs, supporting students across various disciplines.

3. Equity Group Foundation Wings to Fly Scholarship – University Edition

Building on the success of its secondary school scholarship, the Equity Group Foundation extends support to university students through the Wings to Fly Scholarship. This initiative aims to empower economically disadvantaged students to pursue higher education by covering tuition, accommodation, and other essential expenses.

4. KCB Foundation Scholarship – University Level

KCB Foundation extends its commitment to education by offering scholarships at the university level. The scholarship caters to financially disadvantaged students, covering tuition fees and associated costs, enabling them to focus on their studies.

5. Moi University Equity Scholarships

Moi University collaborates with the Equity Group Foundation to provide equity scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships aim to bridge financial gaps and create equal opportunities for students pursuing various degree programs.

6. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Banki Ya Wanawake Scholarships

KCB Banki Ya Wanawake Scholarships target female students pursuing higher education. The scholarship covers tuition fees and associated expenses, promoting gender equality in education and empowering women to excel academically.

7. Zawadi Africa Education Fund

The Zawadi Africa Education Fund focuses on supporting female students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, and other essential expenses, emphasizing the importance of empowering women through education.

8. Rotary Club Scholarships

Rotary Clubs across Kenya often offer scholarships to university students, emphasizing community service and leadership. These scholarships provide financial support for tuition and other educational needs, fostering a sense of responsibility and service among recipients.

9. Kenya Education Fund (KEF) University Scholarships

The Kenya Education Fund continues its support into the university level, offering scholarships to economically challenged students. The scholarship covers tuition fees, enabling students to pursue higher education and break the cycle of poverty through academic achievement.

10. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships

The Aga Khan Foundation provides scholarships for outstanding students with a strong commitment to community development. The scholarship encompasses various disciplines and covers tuition fees and other academic expenses, nurturing leaders who can contribute to positive societal change.


Access to quality higher education is crucial for personal growth and societal development, and these scholarships play a pivotal role in making this dream a reality for many Kenyan students. By leveraging these opportunities, ambitious individuals can overcome financial barriers and focus on academic excellence.

The impact of these scholarships extends beyond individual students, contributing to the overall progress and prosperity of Kenya. As students aspire to pursue their dreams, these scholarships serve as beacons of hope and empowerment, nurturing a generation of leaders and change-makers.


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