Leaders Against The Arrest Of The Three Senators

  • Mudavadi claims that arresting senators is a violation of chapter one of the constitution.
  • South Rift leaders condemn the arrest of senators.

The unexpected arrest of the three senators Cleophas Malala( Kakamega senator, deputy minority leader), Christopher Langat( Bomet senator), and Steve Lelegwe ( Samburu senator) brought a lot of drama within the country. The three senators were arrested and taken to their counties.
The three senators were arrested in their residents in Kajiado, Kitengela and Nyayo Estate in Nairobi. Cleophas Malala was charged for supplying sanitizers breaking the COVID-19 rule. However, the charges claimed against the other two remains unclear.

Senator Cleophas Malala
The arrest of the three senators has been condemned by various leaders | Photo Courtesy

Several leaders have condemned the act, including the Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi. Mudavadi claims that the action is a denial of the constitutional rights of the parliament.
In his statement, Mudavadi brought out that the act that happened is a violation of the integrity of the parliament acts.
“Decision making in parliament is achieved through persuasion and debate, not brute force, intimidation, threats, and arrests. The government can have its way but not through the draconian way,” Mudavadi noted.
Mudavadi also added the need to uphold the dignity of the senators as they are peoples elect, and there is no need to prevent them in the making of their own decision. He termed the action is drawing us back to the dark days, which is behind Kenya and is a way to prevent the senators from exercising their sovereign power given under article one of the constitution.
Kakamega senator cleophas Malala moment before he wasThe arrest of the three senators has been condemned by various leaders arrested
Photo of Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala moment before he was arrested | Photo Courtesy

South Rift Leaders On The Arrest Of The Senators

The south rift leaders did not manage to be quiet about the on-going drama within the senator, terming it a form of intimidation to the lawmakers.
“This is an insult of democracy, so Kenyans from all walks of life to stand up for the truth. We can’t afford to go back, the old dark days of arrests and incarceration without prosecution,” said Mr. Yegon.
Mr. Kirui advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to live to his oath that he took in the office to protect the law and Kenya’s constitution to avoid going back to the errors of the 80s and 90s.
They said that it remains unclear to them why it happened as a coincidence where the three senators were arrested the day they were expected to conduct very crucial voting in the senate.
In their statement, they said that they would not waver to push for the democratic rights that citizens have in article one of the constitution.
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