Equity Bank Returns Back Sh.900,000 Stolen From A Woman’s Bank Account

  • Early this week, Equity Bank was embroiled in asaga that saw a woman loose a sum of Ksh.900,000

Early this week one Kenyan took to twitter to narrate how his mother had been swindled Ksh. 900,000, from Equity after her money mysteriously disappeared from her account. While narrating the ordeal the complainant indicated that the money was lost a day after his mother registered with Equitel.
“What’s happening in Equity Bank, so fraudsters just got to my mum and managed to clear all the money in her Equity account? All of it. She registered for Equitel yesterday. What’s this fam, my mum’s a widow that’s all the money she had for my brother’s school fees. I’m livid “ He stated.
The woman who is a widow and physically challenged lost her Equity ATM card on Sunday 27th Sep 2020.
She called equity bank customer care to have it blocked which they did on 28th Sep 2020 she booked an OB attached Ogembo police station and proceeded to Equity Bank Kisii.
The bank had tech issues with regard to the issuance of ATMs. They advised her to acquire Equitel line.
She was enrolled in the platform at the same branch. They told her to switch off the Equitel line for 24 hrs for activation to effect after which they will call her.
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True to their word, she received a call on Tuesday from a Kisii Branch employee who helped with the process, but two hours later, the money had gone missing.
Following the uproar by Netizens and following the intervention by the Police and the DCI, Equity bank has refunded the money. However they did not admit liability on their part for the loss that has been experienced by other customers.
“The bank called me my mum for cross-examination today. They asked her questions on the circumstances under which the money was siphoned and decided to refund her based on the precinct that she did not go there to get an Equitel line, she went to get an atm. Something around that. The bank did not issue us with an official statement,” Cerebral Assassin confirmed to a local media house.

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