Health PS :No Corona Aid Was Stolen

The usage of the COVID-19 funds has brought a lot of unanswered questions within the country. The permanent secretary of health Susan Mochache has claims that no COVID-19 funds have been stolen. She also refuted claims of benefiting from the KEMSA scandal.
Speaking on Radio Maisha, she said that the money was used with no misappropriation and that soon they will account for the usage of every coin.
In a statement, Mochache said that donations from individuals and other organizations were meant to caution the health sector and other vulnerable groups that have adversely been affected by the pandemic.
“The money is allocated according to the budget that we set in place,” she said.

Health PS Susan Mochache
File Photo of Health PS Susan Mochache in a past event | Photo Courtesy

This comes barely a week after an alarm on the accountability covid-19 funds was raised.
Despite the notion that the firms that were given the tenders come from known personalities to siphon the funds, Mochache insists that the utilization was not directed on the health alone but to various sectors in the country.

Funds Allocated

With billions being donated to the country by various individuals and oganizations, Mochache said that the treasure gave the ministry Sh.23 billion of which they distributed to the counties. She said that the money was distributed as Ksh.5 billion to the county government, Ksh.3.4 billion to the health workers, and close to Ksh.3 billion to various hospitals countrywide.
Mochache also added that the allegations revealed by NTV exposee  were shocking, and she was surprised.
The PS termed the COVID-19 money as cursed money, and not even one is supposed to misappropriate it.
Further, Susan Mochache noted that the allocation of the donated funds was done following the directives from the World Bank. The usage was dependent on the priorities which the World Bank, had brought out to the ministry. Oxygen will take a considerable share of the funds so far.
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