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Innovative Opportunities Teachers Can Tap Into To Make Extra Cash

Teaches have the greatest potential to go out of their way and tap into innovative opportunities to improve their field of profession and in turn discover various ways to make that extra money. The teaching field has a lot of opportunities that are still under utilized.
For long Kenyan teachers have failed to leverage on emerging trends and unique ways to better their lives with most fully depending on their little hard earned salary from the employer. This has resulted in most of the teachers borrowing heavily to set up one or two projects that they believe would be a life changer.
Surprisingly, a few make it while most are trapped in the cycle of servicing bank loans one after another with little to take home. To make the matters worse, the taxman is always waiting at the end of the month to take away close to a half of your income as a teacher.
Having trained as a teacher I quit the profession when I came to a realization that I can make what a primary school teacher earns after one month in just a day or two.
While am not encouraging any teacher to quit their profession, I would highly advice practicing teachers to look for more innovative ways to make that extra cash and perhaps improve their lives.
But, are there any innovative opportunities for teachers to tap into?  The answer is yes, there are several opportunities Kenyan teachers can tap into and make that extra coin without necessarily leaving or resigning from their daytime job. All one needs to do is think beyond the classroom.

Innovative Ways Teachers Can Tap Into To Make Extra Cash

Whether you are just out of college, working in private schools or already employed by the government as a teacher, here are some innovative ideas teachers can tap into and take their career to a whole new level.

  1. Educational Content Writing

Teaching is one of the biggest profession with so many employees across country. Having so many members, it means information concerning education sector and teachers sales. This is one way content writers have tapped into this field by offering platforms that writes news and provide information concerning teachers.
Have you ever wondered why news concerning teacher employment, strikes, teacher promotions and news on the new curriculum easily find its way on the front pages of newspapers? The answer is that such type of content has a lot of demand. Blogs dedicated towards education and teachers news in the country are growing day by day but funny enough, most authors and owners of those blogs are not teachers by professional. Now that you are a teacher why not jump into such field and write about what you know best?
By creating a blog dedicated towards education matters you will be able to attract a lot of readers. As your blogs grows you will be able to monetize it and start earning big through advertisement. Although you won’t be able to generate good revenue from your blog at the beginning, with time you will be able to earn a good income from it and you will be thinking of quitting your job. That said and done, hard work is required and patience should be key to anyone who plans to take this route.
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  1. Online Tutorials

Ideally as a teacher you are used to standing before students in class to deliver lessons. Why not expand your class and start offering online lessons as well? A number of parents are homeschooling their children and they heavily relay on online platforms to get their children learn. Besides, most parents whose children attend regular schools are looking for extra tutorials online to keep their children engaged while at home and in the process help then gain more knowledge.
As a teacher you can go far and beyond and start offering online tutorials for your learners and in the process you will reach more audience. Platforms such as YouTube video tutorials are great tools to use. With time you will start getting calls from individuals who wish to get your services at a fee and when your platform such as YouTube grows, you can as well monetize it and earn money through advertisements.

  1. Career Couching

It is high time seasoned teachers took career couching as a profession within the teaching fraternity. As a teacher who understands the nitty-gritties of the profession, you will realize there are so many upcoming teachers who need couching and guidance. Private schools and companies that run schools have always been on a look out for professionals within the teaching field to offer couching services to their staff.
These institution do these frequently to arm their staff members with the needed skills to enhance productivity and instill professionalism. As a skillful teacher who has been in the teaching profession for a while, branding yourself as a career couch will be a step in the right direction .This in helps teachers realize their full potential and optimize their productivity.

  1. Consultancy

Closely related to career couching is consultancy. Having been a teacher for some time, you can correctly advise both teachers and parents on the appropriate measures on various issues. Child development and growth is one field that needs both teachers and parents to be heavily guided. Guiding both parents and teachers to understand different abilities among learners can go a long way in helping both parties know how to handle learners. Both parents and students need career guidance and teachers are better placed in shaping the career paths of students.
With this and many more areas, you can assist parents understand their children better and help them overcome challenges they face in their learning journey. You will also play a vital role in assisting teachers on how to better handle learners.

  1. Publishing

As a teacher, you might have realized shortcomings in some of the learning material used in schools. From shallow notes in text books to missing topics in various learning subjects that should capture the correct level and abilities of learners, realizing this shortcomings presents a good opportunity to improve them. This is where your publishing skills can be put to test. By becoming a publisher, you will provide the missing link within the syllabus through text book publication.
You can easily do this by identifying your area of interest, looking for relevant people to work with and getting your books published by a publisher of your choice. You will also need relevant approvals once your publication is ready by relevant institutions before your books can be available for purchasing by schools and parents.
You can as well tap into the online marketing where you will be able to sell your publications.

  1. Exams and Assessments Production

Schools spend thousands shillings buying assessment tests and exams each months for their learners. Apart from the national exams, most of the schools buy them from private exam printers.
By coming up with a team of colleagues with same idea, you can establish an examination printing firm that researches on the dynamics in the current syllabus and publishes different editions of both revision and examination assessment tests.
There is a rising trend where parents are gaining more interest in getting the latest examination edition for their children for private assessment. This is no secret that it is a lucrative venture.
There are many more other ventures and unique innovative ways teachers can tap in and make extra cash.
All in all, it is important to invest in yourself as a teacher and adapt to this ever changing innovative career.

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