You Can Easily Get a Loan with your Logbook From These Institutions

A number of financial institutions in Kenya have made it possible for individuals to acquire loans by removing various restrictions. Your logbook can be used as security or collateral to acquire a loan and repay it later. These credit institutions are best suited in offering emergency loans.
You can easily apply for and get a loan from various money credit finance companies using your vehicle logbook and get your loan within 24 hours or less after making your application.
A majority of these institutions will offer you a loan on your logbook with the loans offered covering up to 80% of the vehicle’s value, irrespective of the model and age of the vehicle. The loan repayment terms varies from one money lender to another

Requirements to get a loan with your logbook in Kenya

Depending on the lender you are dealing with, a number of them will request the following documents in addition to your logbook.

  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Clear copy of original ID
  • Copy of KRA Pin
  • Original vehicle logbook
  • Valid comprehensive insurance cover
  • 2 passport photos

Before your loan is processed, the money lender usually does a background check to determine the vehicle ownership and other related information.
Here is a list of credit and finance institutions in Kenya that will offer you a loan with your logbook within 24 hours.

Where to get a loan in Kenya with your logbook

  1. Platinum Credit Limited

Plutinum credit offers civil servants loans, personal loans, logbook loans, biashara loans, and direct import finance loans.
With platinum credit, you can apply for a logbook loan with your personal car or commercial vehicle and get cash in 24 hours.
You can do this by dialing *619# or by calling 0709,900,000/0730,900,000
You can also visit platinum credit offices near you for application and processing of your logbook loan
To get a logbook loan from Platinum credit, you will be required

  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Clear copy of original ID
  • Copy of KRA Pin
  • Original vehicle logbook
  • Valid comprehensive insurance cover

Platinum Credit offers loans to thousand of Kenyans

  1. Mwananchi Credit

Mwananchi Credit is another loan facility that grand individuals with loans on logbook. Mwananchi Credit is Kenya’s Number 1 provider of secured loans including logbook loans, title-deed loans and car loans. They also offer loans to civil servants.
Mwananchi credit can offer you a way for restructuring and refinancing to make sure you meet all your business needs on time. They have a clear and fast  loan processing timeframe of 6 hours to ensure you deal with business emergencies .
One needs to have an original logbook, 6 months bank statements, M-Pesa statement and a comprehensive insurance certificate to apply for the Mwananchi logbook loan.

  1. Jijenge Credit

You Can Easily Get a Loan with your Logbook From These Institutions
Jijenge credit is a non deposit taking Microfinance institution with the lowest interest rates in Kenya.
Jijenge offers logbook loans, salary check off loans, asset financing, import duty financing, school fees loans, title deed loans among others.
Jijenge can process your loan in a one hour record time.

  • Original vehicle logbook
  • Copy of KRA PIN
  • 2 clear copies of original ID
  • 1 recent color passport-sized photographs
  • Valid comprehensive insurance cover
  • Motor valuation report/ Renewal notice

Contact: 0711 282 727, 0703 282 727

  1. Momentum Credit

Momentum Credit
Founded in March 2017 with the purposeful intent to meet an overwhelming market need of providing structured working capital solutions to SMEs, Momentum credit offers logbook loans from Ksh.100,000.

  • Original logbook
  • Copy of ID
  • KRA Pin
  • Motor vehicle valuation report
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • 6 months bank statement

Contacts: 0709 434 000, 0709 434 900

  1. Auto Advance logbook Loans

Auto Advance logbook loans offered reliable and quick logbook loan application process. With Auto advance, your loan will be processed and credited to your bank account within the same day. Auto Advance offers logbook loans based on your vehicle registration.
Location: Millenium Place, Buru Buru, Nairobi
Contact: 0765 650 650

  1. MOGO Kenya

Mogo Kenya offers car financing and logbook loans.
Mogo Kenya is part of the Mogo Finance Group which provides logbook loans ob between KES 100, 000 to 1, 500, 000, within 24 hours. One is able to choose a repayment period of up to 5 years, with the repayment schedule being on a weekly or monthly basis depending on a client’s choice.

  1. Fincredit Limited

Fincredit was 2 years ago named among top 100 by East Africa Top 100 SMEs. Fincredit operates in Kenya and Uganda and offers logbook loans, SME/employee loans, new KCC loans, instant loans, fincredit staff and rep loans.
They are located at 1st Floor, Methodist Ministries Centre, Oloitokitok Road, Lavington.
Contacts: 020 386 1673, 0735 880 417, 0722 425 050

  1. Bidii Credit

Bidii Credit Limited is Kenya’s premier SME and Consumer lender. To get a logbook loan with Bidii credit, you can fill an online form found on their website and submit it. They will then contact you on the way forward.
Bidii Credit offers unsecured personal loans, Secured personal loans, Business loans, car loans among others.
Bidii Credit offers loans from as little as ksh.2,000 to a maximum of ksh.5 million.

  • The vehicle must be in your name/guarantors name
  • Clean credit history
  • 6 months bank statement with a cheque book
  • Motor vehicle valuation
  • Motor vehicle logbook
  • 2 blank signed motor vehicle ownership transfer forms
  • 2 passport photos of the applicant
  • Documents to show proof of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

You can contact them directly as well through 0709 840 000

  1. Ngao Credit Limited

Ngao Credit Limited is a private Limited Company incorporated under the companies Act (cap 486) on 20th March 2008. It is a non-deposit taking Micro-Finance.
Ngao Credit offers quick loans against motor vehicles both personal and commercial, where one can borrow up to 60% of the car’s value, with a repayment period of up to 24 months.

  • Original logbook
  • Original national ID and Pin
  • Latest 6 months bank statements
  • Post-dated cheques
  • Comprehensive insurance

You can contact Ngao Credit through: 0709 650 000

  1. Premier Credit

You Can Easily Get a Loan with your Logbook From These Institutions
Premier Kenya is a 21st century microfinance institution that provides quality financial services to entrepreneurs, low income earners and salaried individuals.
Premier credit offers loans to car owners and all you need is a logbook and your loan will be processed within 24 hours.
To get that financial need sorted, with a Logbook Loan. Call 0786 919142/ 0780 322137.
You can also visit Premier Credit office near you or visit Premier Kenya website for more information.
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