Why Kenyans Need to Focus More on Self Employment

A majority of young Kenyans graduate from higher learning institutions with expectations of landing a good job and getting a good salary.
Their expectations are way far from the reality as either most of them find themselves tarmacking with no job opportunities coming along way and the few lucky ones end up in frustrations as their jobs are no longer fulfilling.
The pay is poor, working environment is ever changing and the tax man is always on their neck.
Ideally, over close to a half of what Kenyan workers earn is taken away from them by the government.

Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and mandatory statutory deductions have never gone down well with most Kenyans. In as much as we should all pay taxes, the ever rising tax burden is suffocating most Kenyans and the salaried workers are filling the heat most.
The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic was perhaps the biggest wake-up call for employed individuals especially in the private sector. Companies and most institutions went on to lay off a good number of their workers with some closing permanently leaving workers helpless.
We all know how popular media houses like K24, NTV and even Citizen TV announced massive layoff. Biggest supermarket brand like Tuskys who were already facing challenges saw their situation go from bad to worse as they shut their doors leaving their workers most affected not forgetting their suppliers as well.
This and many more other examples are clear indicators that Kenyans should rethink and reevaluate their employment ambitions and go the self-employment way and become job creators as well.
The country’s economy is bleeding as well, while the cost of living is going up day by day.
If you are employed, you may realize that the prices of basic commodities in shops and supermarkets have hit the roof while it is most likely that your salary continues to be stagnant. What even makes the matter worse is that employers have little influence on what their next pay will be the next month and the months to come.

How about those in self-employment

In as much as a number of self-employed individuals are also facing a myriad of challenges, most of them always find it easy to go beyond their challenges to keep afloat.
A farmer rearing animals will still milk 100 litres and people have to eat. If the farmer was cashing in Ksh.10,000 per day will likely continue cashing in the same but a salaried worker who is no longer welcomed at their working station will languish.
There are various opportunities in self-employment field, what one needs to do is establish their field of interest. Technological advancement has brought with it numerous opportunity one can tap in.

If you are a tech savvy person then go tech, if you are a business person establish your niche within the business sector. If you love agriculture, then agribusiness is suitable for.
On the other hand if you have knowledge in any Field, why not share with the world. You will be shocked by how much joy and fulfillment you will find. Someone out there is looking for knowledge and they are willing to pay for it. You can start a blog and share your knowledge at a fee. You can also open a consultant firm and open your doors to clients.
The ideas is just get started. Start small and be consistent, along the way you will be shocked by how far you have grown.
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Opportunities for young Kenyans to invest in

Below is a list of some sectors young Kenyans can venture in for self-employment;

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Blogging
  • Online trading
  • Design
  • Video content creation
  • Networking

There are hundreds of opportunities for Kenyans to jump into the self-employment field and gain financial freedom.

Advantages of self-employment

Self-employment provides you with opportunity to set your own goals and work towards achieving your targets. There is a lot of freedom that comes with self-employment. Unlike when you are on a day time job, with self-employment you get to earn according to your efforts.

Taking Risks

In as much it may sound suit to get self-employed and get that financial freedom. Self-employment is for the risk takers. You have to try and sometimes you may fail. You have to strategize and at one point the expectations might be contrary to reality. Being reliance and not giving up is always the journey any self-employed person will always live to tell.

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