The Principal of Chania Boys Died of Cardiac Arrest according to the Family

  • The principal of Chania Boys High School died of cardiac arrest and not of COVID-19.
  • The family claims that the principal ailed from cardiac arrest three years before the current one.
  • He was attacked by breathing difficulties on Thursday, 23rd July, in his office.
  • After complaining of breathing difficulties, he collapsed while walking to his car.

According to the bereaved family of the principal of Chania Boys High School, he succumbed to cardiac arrest that finally sent him to the grave. It said that he died due to the attendance of the officiated meeting on 23rd July 2020.
Talking to the press, her daughter Joan quoted that “My father died from cardiac arrest and not from COVID-19. According to the samples taken from him for COVID-19, he tested negative.
The family also said that the principal lived under medication from 2017 and was hospitalized in Agha Khan Hospital.
According to the school bursar, the principal was in his office when he developed breathing difficulties as reiterated by Chania deputy principal Simon Wahome.
He further said that the principal arrived early within the school compound to check on the construction of the additional school dormitory in the meeting with the contractor and board members.
Mr. Wahome mentioned, “I was called by the bursar and found the deceased inside his car.  He was pronounced dead after driving him to the hospital.”

Allan Macharia, the principal of Chania Boys High School succumbed to cardiac arrest. Photo Courtesy

The principal collapsed in his car after complaining of difficulty in breathing. The principal, Allan Macharia, was known to have health conditions and was transferred near his home to manage the illness.
The transfer came after being a principal of Kirogo Boys in Muranga. Julias Muraya, chairman of Thika West Heads Association, praised Allan Macharia for being a hardworking and selfless man that he loved the job.
The body will be taken from Kenyatta University Mortuary for burial purposes on 31st July at his home in Maraga, Muranga County.
The COVID-19 speculation came after the rise of  sudden deaths among many Kenyans. The CAS Mercy Mwangangi echoed that COVID-19 is opportunistic, and if one has underlying conditions, it easily causes death.
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