Bahati Pens down an emotional letter to the president moments after extending curfew rules

Gospel singer Bahati has penned down an emotional letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta moments after the president announced extension of curfew rules.
On Sunday, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that the 10PM to 4AM  nationwide curfew rules will be extended for another 3 months up to March 12th 2021.
The news seems to have angered many especially those whose night hours businesses were affected ever since the curfew rules were imposed.
It seems Bahati was among the many who were chocked by the news and hours and moments after the announcement he decided to voice his complaints perhaps on behalf of many artists in the creative industry who have been affected ever since the curfew was imposed.
In a long post on social media captioned by a photo he took with the president sometimes back, Bahati reminded the president that they were suffering and they have people who fully depend on them.

“Dear Mr President, Happy New Year… This is 2021; No PR No Stunts No Kikis… Just to Let You Know that this Musicians are Someones Husbands, Wifes, Dads and Mums. Yes ,we have People Who Fully Depend on us and We Have employees too.” He stated.
Bahati would then go a head and inform the president that restricted hours of movements were hurting the entertainment industry and was killing their their careers as well.
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“Your Excellency I don’t Know if in Your Cabinet theres anyone Who Cares about The Creative Industry; the Djs, Event organizers or anything Concerning the Entertainment Industry… But if You keep Locking Down the Economy and Limiting Events that We fully Depend on thats SIMPLY KILLING OUR CAREERS!!! We Kids Just like Yours and its our Cry You Reason with us as a Father. Ata ile 100M hatukuipata but we are still pushing… We are Making Hits that are not paying us Back😭😭😭 Dear Mr President Remember and Consider the Creatives & The Entertainment Industry.
GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS KENYA 🙏” Bahati concluded.
The curfew rules have made it impossible for night travel. With schools opening on Monday 4th, many parents have decried of their livelihoods having been affected by the Covid -19 pandemic and the restrictions implkemented by the government,

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