Nairobi residents can now access free Wi-Fi

The establishment of an ICT hubs in Embakasi West constituency now means that Nairobi residents in Embakasi can now access the free WiFi.
The ICT Hub centres which have been set up by the national government Consitituencies Development Fund (NGCDF) are located in various parts of the constituency.
Apart from the free WiFi internet connection, youths can access free training of the Ajira Digital which is a government sponsored program through the ICT ministry aimed at enhancing youth employment in Kenya through online jobs.
According to ICT ministry, the initiative will enable the youth in the county to acuire digital skills that could enable them compete effectively in the digital market and also enable them secure online jobs.
The ministry says this is aimed at creating self employment opportunities through the digital space. the skills trained include software development and transcription services.
The ICT Hub was officially opened in March in a ceremony officiated by Deputy President William Ruto who was invited by Embakasi west MP George Theuri. The centre is located in Umoja 2 Chief’s camp.
Apart from the Umoja ICT hub, Embakasi residents can access other ICT hubs for the same services at PCMA kwa maji Police post in Mowlem ward and the City cotton ICT hub located at the City Cotton Community centre.
Embakasi West MP encouraged the youths from Embakasi to take advantage of the free training since online is the future.
He further revealed that there were plans to open a fourth innovation hub in Umoja 1 area.
Registration and enrollment into the Ajira program is free and Hon. Theuri encouraged  the youth to take advantage of the opportunity and register.
This comes at a time Nairobi metropolitan Service (NMS) announced plans to offer free WiFi for the Nairobi City residents.
NMS Director General Mohamed Badi explained that the project was part of a plan to modernize and improve parks within Nairobi City.
Part of the areas within Nairobi expected to see the enrolment of free WiFi include;Jevanjee Gardens, Jamhuri Park, Ngong Road Forest, Michuki Park, Central and Uhuru Parks
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The uptake of digital skills in Kenya is reported high with Kenya ranking among the best in the world and 2nd in Africa behind Egypt. This is according to the data released by IPS international.

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