Why Tanzania Banned Three Additional Airlines From Their Country

  • Three flights banned into the territory of Tanzania
  • Tanzania wants Kenya to treat its passenger like other countries

Tanzania has banned three more Kenyan airlines from its territory. The affected airline companies include; Fly540, Air Kenya Express and Safarilink Aviation from Kenya.
Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) noted that the continued exclusion of its passengers by the Kenyan government is discriminatory.
The three companies were operating daily from Kenya to Kilimanjaro, Dar and Zanzibar.
The action comes barely three weeks after Kenya Airways was banned from accessing Tanzania’s territory by the TCAA. Though it has no proven claims, Tanzania’s move is said to have been geared from quarantining its citizen.
The three airlines were denied the chance to land into Tanzania’s territory with claims of passengers being handled in a discriminatory manner. Claims were based on the agreement between the two countries on air travel.
“The ban on Kenya’s four airlines would not be lifted unless air travelers from Tanzania are accorded the same treatment as those on the list. Some countries’ nationalities can enter Kenya without the same conditions despite having extremely high Covid-19 infections,” TCAA director-general Hamza Johari told the citizen.

Passengers From 540 flight
Passengers alighting from Fly 540 plane [PHOTO COURTESY]
The stalemate has been ongoing between Kenya Aviation and the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority after Kenya opened its airlines to 11 selected countries excluding Tanzania from the list.
However, Tanzania says that Kenya will have to reapply afresh to be allowed back to their territory.
Johari noted that the TCAA has terminated the airline’s approval to and fro Kilimanjaro, that was effected since March 27 and was to end on October 25. There is no reason for the dismissal that was cited in support of the move. The written letter was submitted to the Kenya operation manager who in turn is having thoughts on resolving the matter.
Previously, Kenya Airways was denied the chance of flight out of Tanzania the day after  which CS Macharia failed to include Tanzania from the 11 countries that were to have access into Kenya’s territory.
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