Kemsa On Spotlight As The Boss Exposes A letter On the Misappropriation Scandal.

  • KEMSA boss produces a letter that brought out the scandal
  • Reshuffle of officials in health ministry retracted

Concrete evidence was brought to light as investigations into the alleged loss of billions at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) is in progress.
In the letter dated April 15, 2020 Kembi Gitura, the organization’s chairman noted that the Health PS Susan Mochache schemed on the process of purchasing items for fighting the novel Coronavirus pandemic.
The committee that is chaired by Sabina Chege noted that the Ministry gave exact instructions on how to procure the items after which the chairman noticed it was irregularly done.
“We received the letter from the Ministry of Health containing a list of the place we should procure from, the prices and the quantity. I can vouch on the quality of PPEs we procured,” he stated.

Health PS Susan Mochache with Hon Mama Ngilu on locally made PPEs | photo Courtesy

When he appeared before the National Assembly Health Committee, Kembi Gitura disclosed that the authority took orders from the Health Ministry.
The KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari, in the letter, had been offered a notice of suspension following the irregularities made in  purchases made by KEMSA.
“This is to approve the procurement of goods worth Ksh758,690,583 as outlined in the annex,” the letter addressed.
Also appearing before the committee, KEMSA’s acting Procurement Officer Edward Buluma told the MPs that the directive by the Ministry was not procedural.
In a statement Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny, noted that the Health Ministry gave orders that were against procurement acts rule. This was not the case with the health ministry which did not agree with the subject matter.
Barely a week after the scandal was exposed, Jonah Manjari was issued a suspension letter with the claims that the procurement process was not correctly followed leading to money loss from the Ministry.
President Uhuru Kenyatta had made some changes in the health ministry but later  retracted. The change inlcudes; Health PS Susan Mochache was to be the head of  Medical Service while Dr. Francis Owino was to serve as the Principal Secretary of Public Health.
President Uhuru Kenyatta said that changes made are to make the Ministry take a different turn on handling the misappropriation that has taken control of the health ministry. The Uhuru made the changes during his 11th presidential address on the covid-19.
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