Robert Burale: Close Friends Wished Me Death

Pastor Robert Burale popularly known as the coach has narrated his near to death ordeal that saw his close friends mock him at his lowest moment.
Some few week ago Burale announced to his fans that he had tested positive for Covid-19 and immediately he was trending allover social media platforms.
But it is the comments made online that shocked him with some claiming that he was faking illness as a publicity stunt.
“I got some screenshots while in hospital and I wasn’t hurt by what they were saying but some people who spoke,” he said.
“People you’ve invited for dinner, people who stood with me and then went and wrote ‘I can’t wait to wake up to ‘RIP Burale’.”
The preacher cam motivational speaker admits that he has learnt his lesson the hard way and has since reduced the number of seats at his dinner table because he no longer has time for fake friendships.
“I will tell you one thing if you think you have five friends, I will advise you to go to the hospital and get checked,” he said.
“My burden was heavy. It is only by the grace of God I walked out healthy both physically and mentally,” he said.
Burale’s advice to anyone is to reconsider the type of friends they have around them. He admitted being in the public domain attracts many people around you, but most of them come because of the platform. He was speaking to Jalang’o on his popular Youtube show, Jalang’o TV.

Pastor Burale and daughter
Pastor Robert Burale and daughter [Photo Source | Instagram]
DONT be too quick to call everybody your friend …
Dont be too quick to dismiss strangers
Dont be too quick to elevate someone you shared a meal with to the level of deep friends..
Be very quick in guarding your heart ….
Live Long – He wrote on his Instagram Page
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