Why Karura forest is the best place to visit in Nairobi.

If you are looking for the best place with a cool ambience to relax, then Karura Forest should be top on your list.
Located in the periphery of Nairobi City, Karura forest is a 20-minute drive from the Nairobi CBD and can be accessed from two gates, one along Kiambu Road and the other along Limuru Road.
Karura is well known for the famous Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon that is usually held early. Most Nairobi residents find Karura Forest as the best place to visit for weekend relaxation, nature adventure and team building.
The expansive forest has a picnic site and they have opened up more forest trails. However, personally I find  the waterfall and cave trail the best part of the forest to visit. During my  last visit, it had just rained and the waterfall was roaring in the sheer volume of water.
Here you will find the oldest trees that could tell the rich history of the forest if they could speak. These trees provide the needed cover and shadow for visitors and adventures and their gigantic nature is a true definition of the power the forest has.
Cycling in Karura forest is a thrill on its own; it gives you a chance of exploring large swathes of the forest in a short period of time.

Why Karura forest is the best place to visit in Nairobi.
Karura forest in Nairobi City is one that best highlights importance of forest restoration. Photo Courtesy

At Sh500 for 2 hours, you can rent a bike and traverse the Karura landscape as you enjoy the true gift of mother nature.
For Nairobi residents and travelers, Karura Forest has become an integral part of the social life of Nairobians and its visitors.
From families taking strolls, friends loud in banter, prayer groups meditating, children racing with bikes, runners enjoying the canopy and lovebirds chilling on the benches, Karura is the perfect getaway to true refreshment and unwinding environment.

So should you plan to visit Karura Forest, how much will you be charged?

The forest is under the management of the Friends of Karura. For Kenyan citizens, an entrance  fee of Sh100 is charged for adults and Sh.50 for children.

For citizens who are classified as non-citizens living in Kenya, the forest entrance fee is Sh200 for adults and Sh100 for children. For non-residents, the forest entrance fee is Sh. 600 for adults and Sh300 for children.
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Have you been to Karura before? Kindly write to us under the comment section and share your experience.

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