Caren Priscilla: How I started a successful makeup studio without any form training and capital

Caren Priscilla has risen from nothing to be one of the most sought after makeup artist in the fashion industry within Nairobi.
The staunch Akorino lady does not wear makeup due to her religious upbringing but her soft spot for fashion has earned her a name. She perfected her art of makeup to be her number one source of income.
6 months after completing her college, Caren landed a record keeping job but she would later quit as she found it not fulfilling.
Caren developed an interest in the fashion industry and especially the makeup sector, a field she had no skills in.
With no background knowledge, Caren started to approach friends in the makeup industry to learn and gain skills.
This she says was a step in the right direction and assistance from his friends gave her a reason to keep pushing on.
“I would call friends and even family members who were in the makeup industry to ask questions and learn from them” Caren stated.
Her journey to becoming a makeup artist landed her in a makeup studio where she got a real experience as an intern.
“After gaining some knowledge I decided it was time to start my own from the few clients and friends i had made” Caren stated
Customers would request for her services but the biggest challenge was that she did not have her own makeup kit to serve her customers.
“I started off without money, I would get a customer and go borrow a makeup kit from a friend to serve the client” Caren stated.
Caren currently owns a beauty parlor Carey Makeup in Nairobi that she runs and has employed several workers.
Her business has flourished and she serves many clients among them celebrities and media personalities. On the list of her Clients are celebrities such as Nadia Mukami, Avril and Kanze Dena.
Some of the male clients she has served include  Khaligraph Jones, Daddy Owen and various personalities in sports and media industry as well.
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Her advise to anyone who has a passion in makeup industry to start with what they have but she is quick to point out that getting skills should be the first consideration.

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