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Top 10 Best Car dealers In Mombasa


Mombasa is a business hub for imported used cars from abroad thanks to its proximity to the port. Some of the best car dealers in Kenya are located in Mombasa and here you are assured of getting a car at competitive prices.
Below is a list of some of the best car dealers you can go for in Mombasa.

Top 10 Best car Dealers In Mombasa

  1. Aisha Motor Dealers

Aisha Motor Dealers Ltd is a growing dealer of used vehicles and cars in Mombasa. They offer sedan cars, used SUV, used Wagon, used hatchback of best quality in reasonable rates. They import cars from various parts of the world but mostly Japan.
Location: Mombasa

  1. Mombasa Clean Cars Limited

Mombasa clean cars ltd, are trusted car dealers in Mombasa, Kenya. They sell new, locally used and imported used cars in Mombasa at affordable prices. With Mombasa Clean Cars Limited, you can buy your car, van, Pickup or truck. They also import vehicles directly for their customers at affordable prices.
Mombasa clean cars showroom is located in the port city of Mombasa and is one of the best car dealers in Mombasa. As you may already know, all cars in Kenya are imported through the port of Mombasa. Mombasa is therefore the hub of cars in Kenya.
Contact: 254 707 004124
Location: Mombasa

  1. Delight Motors Limited

Delights Motors Limited is situated in the heart of the port city of Mombasa, one of Kenya’s main business hubs and a leading tourist destination. Delight Motors Limited imports used Japanese motor vehicles in excellent condition which will guarantee you a pleasant drive all through.
They specialize in brands such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, SUBARU and MITSUBISHI at the most competitive prices.
Delight Motors Contacts
P.O BOX 83339-80100
+(254) 720-988680
+(254) 722-709612

  1. Al-Husnain Motors Ltd

Al-Husnain Motors Ltd is another well-known car dealer from Mombasa. They offer one in-store shopping and delivery of purchased vehicles.  For payment, Cash, cheque and direct banking to their account is also accepted. They are your choice of reliable and reasonable-priced cars.
Apart from Mombasa, they have branches in other towns namely, Kisumu

  1. Fahari Cars Limited

Fahari Cars Ltd is a new and used cars importer in Kenya. Fahari Cars Ltd is a life-size company that has the approach and feel of a small business. And more important, we do it while becoming synonymous with exceptional customer service
Establish as an Affordable, dependable and certified Motor Vehicle dealers within Kenya and Mombasa in particular. Their purpose is to maintain and promote professional standards in the car dealers sector. Fahari Cars Limited check every car before import so you no need to be worry about car conditions. Every car comes with its inspection sheet.

  1. Canon Motors

Established in 2005, CANON MOTORS is a global importer of used and new vehicles with their head office in the heart of MOMBASA, Kenya.
Canon Motors has been ranked as one of the top importers of pre-owned vehicles with multiple prestigious awards as well as a global network of loyal customers. Their goal is to offer the highest quality cars, with superior customer service and competitive prices.

  1. Lota Automobilities

Lota Automobilities was maned among Top 100 mid-sized companies in 2009 and 2010, then went on to be named a Top 15 finalist in the 2010 Africa Legatum Awards, while also attaining an International Star for Leadership in Quality with a Gold Medal in the 2012 16th Global BID Awards Quality Convention in Paris, France.
The company deals in various brand of motor vehicle both brand new and used cars such as sedan cars, used SUV, used Wagon.
Contacts: +254-110096869 – +254 110096963 – +254 110096964
Email: sales@canonmotors.com
Others Include;

  1. Mombasa Car Deals
  2. Yaya Car Sales Kenya Limited
  3. Toyopet Automobile

When looking for the best car dealer, a number of factors should be given consideration before you purchase any vehicle from a dealer.
The condition of the vehicle, year of manufacture, and milage are some key factors you should look at before you buy a used car from any dealer.
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