Harmonize dumped by Lover Sarah Michelotti in Public

While you might be thinking that Harmonize has been in a paradise relationship with Ethiopian lover Sarah Michelotti, it has turned out publicly that their union has been on the rocks and Sarah has been holding on until she could no more. This is after she called it quit publicly through her Instagram page.
In a long post Sarah shared on her page, she accuses harmonize for lack of respect towards her. The Ethiopian born Sarah also claims harmonize is a serial cheater and she has now set him free to go out with whoever he wishes.
“I married you cause i loved you, you we’re everything to me and i chose you just the way you we’re .. i gave you all my love and I did my best for your happiness something that you didn’t do for me at all” Sara wrote.
“Day by day i found you we’re e completely different and you don’t have any respect for anybody … you didn’t even know how to keep a wife like me or to be proud of one person who give you the good life..and you don’t know how to respect people who really do love you and the ones who are there to support you… most of the time i found out that your just lie and fake it. I’ve been thrue a lot in this fake relationship x married if I put all here everyone will be shocked because you have another face kabisa. You always put mask on your face. i don’t even have more words to say and speak now … you didn’t ever appreciate what i did for you and now is too late … life will teach you the lesson you deserve for what you u did and now i will be focusing on my life … be blessed now u have all the time to be with any women on the way…
and I advice you learn to appreciate and respect what people they do for you.” She concluded her long post.
harmonize gairlfriend
The news of their break up comes just some few days after Harmonize shared photos of his four year old daughter.
News of Bongo high profile male artist being dumped by their partners has been on the rise in the recent months, mid this year, many were shocked when Tanasha Donna quit her highly publicized relationship with Diamond.
The two had even done a collabo together shortly before Tanasha called it quit. The union was barely a year after Diamond was dumped by his baby mama Zari for cheating allegations.
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