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Tips to make more money with your Taxi

Most taxi drivers have in the recent past enrolled in the ride-hailing apps business to earn a living but most have always sought for a way to make an extra coin with their cabs.
With ride hailing app companies having taken over the cab business in most parts of the country, Taxi drivers who partner with these companies such as Uber, Bolt, Wasili and Taxify end up parting with between 25% to15% cut  off the top from money they make.
To compensate for these, there are various ways Taxi drivers can make more with their vehicle.
A number of taxi drivers I interact with admit that what they earn through the  ride hailing app companies is not enough considering the fact that they do taxi business full time.
Below are some of the ways taxi and cab drivers can employ to make extra money.

  1. Target High end estates

Targeting high end estate for your taxi business can be a step in the right direction. With time as a cab driver you will be able to Identify estates that have clients who use cabs most frequently. These zones and estates should then become hotspots for taxi drivers. By targeting such estates you are sure as a taxi driver that you will make that extra coin.

  1. Adjust operational hours

At what time do you begin your daily taxi business? While most taxi drivers actively operate in midday and morning hours, pick hours are most likely to earn you more.
Most people are likely to catch a cab early in the morning while going to work or attending meetings and also late in the evening when they retire to their residential areas.
Mid-day generally tends to experience less traffic as most people remain engaged in their places of work.
Working out late in the night is the perfect time to make a kill for cab drivers. Due to the odd hours and less options, customers are willing to pay even 5 times the amount they would have paid during the prime hours.

  1. Switch off Ride hailing mobile App

The rise of ride-hailing apps impacted the transport industry and the lives of a multitude of drivers who at first rejected the technology but were later forced to adapt and join.
But as we had already seen, you do not take home 100% of what the customer paid with ride-hailing app.
Drivers prefer switching off the apps during the rush hour or at prime destinations like JKIA in order to maximize their profits using the ‘streets prices’. Here, as a taxi driver you have the power to negotiate with a client directly and keep 100% of the revenue.

  1. Capitalize on whether pattern

Towns such as Nairobi usually experience fluctuation in bus fare when it rains. Perennial traffic jam that comes with it also forces many to seek alternative transport means.
As a cab driver, this is the best time to capitalize on the situation and make that extra money. Clients is such situations are willing to pay an extra coin go get to their destinations in the quietest way possible.
Sunny days are also best times to make extra money as most people are travelling and making merry. During cold seasons most people tend to stay indoors

  1. Segment Clients

Who are your typical clients? Segmenting your customers can be a real deal.
Sometimes, taxi drivers in upmarket estates such as Karen and Parklands only accept requests from names of Asian or European clients who do not travel far and are perceived to have more money.
These clients tend to pay way much more than any typical driver.
Targeting celebrities or personalities who draw a lot of attention can earn you a lot. Since they avoid being noticed, changing cars or travelling privately becomes their option. Such personalities ae ready to part with hefty amount to move from one point to another

  1. Short Trips Vs Long Trips

The debate of whether short trip or long trip is debatable,
There are varying factors that determine whether a driver will make money in a trip. A long trip usually has a big payout but the downside is the fuel cost and the fact that the driver will likely not get a customer on their way back to the cbd.
Depending with locality, short trips might warm more for some while in some areas, long trips are the real deal.
A trip from Westland to JKIA cost between Ksh. 1000- Ksh.1300 and chances of getting a return customer is higher. Meaning a trip to JKIA wound fetch at least Ksh.2000.
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Short trips will only pay you kes 150 max 400 before commission. The question of how many trips you will be able to make on a day in towns prone to traffic like Nairobi is the big question.
With various factors put into consideration, getting to study and understand your location and other factors can help you make informed decisions.

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