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Requirements to join Bolt Kenya as a taxi driver or rider

Bolt Kenya has taken over various towns in Kenya with taxi solutions that offers drivers opportunities to apply and become riders as well.
Apart from the online hailing taxi Bolt services, Bolt lauched various categories of services with the latest being Bolt Green that requires the taxi drivers to have electric or hybrid cars.
Bolt also has other lines of its mobile online taxi services namely Bolt lite, Bolt base,Bolt XL, Tuktuk as well as Bolt Boda that allows Bodaboda individuals to apply and join the mobile hailing app taxi business.
If you are a car owner or a driver and you would wish to join Bolt, below are some of the requirements you must meet before you can be accepted by Bolt taxi.

Requirements for joining Bolt as a taxi driver or car owner.
  • Passport photo
  • A valid police clearance certificate
  • National ID
  • Driver’s regular driving licence
  • Vehicle logbook or sales agreement copy
  • Drivers NTSA PSV badge
  • Vehicle’s NTSA inspection sticker/report
  • Vehicle’ PSV insurance sticker

These documents should be submited during the application process. However, before you can apply and join Bolt as a taxi driver, your car must meet a number of conditions.
The conditions will vary ranging from one area to another and also depending on the service line you are enrolling in.

Bolt taxi operation regions

Among regions that Bolt company operates in include;

  • Nairobi
  • Naivasha
  • Kisumu
  • Eldoret
  • Kitale
  • Nakuru
  • Mombasa
  • Kakamega

For you wish your application to be accepted, your vehicle must meet the following conditions as per region.

Bolt vehicle conditions for taxi drivers per region
Bolt Base

Bolt base applicants are invited from all the major towns in Kenya.
However the vehicle condition per town various as below;

  • Nairobi: Vehicle must be a 2012 or newer model
  • Mombasa: Vehicle must be a 2010 or newer model
  • Kisumu & Kakamega, Nakuru & Naivasha, Eldoret & Kitale, and Mount Kenya: Vehicle must be 2008, or newer
  • Vehicle must seat four passengers
  • Vehicle must be a Hatchback, Sedan or Station Wagon
  • Nairobi: Vehicle must have an engine capacity of 1500cc or more
  • Other cities: Vehicle must have an engine capacity of between 1200cc and 1500cc
  • Vehicle must be in good cosmetic condition.
Bolt lite

Bolt lite services are available in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Mombasa, and Nakuru
Bolt lite vehicle condition for the above towns must meet the below conditions;

  • Vehicle must be a 2011 or newer model
  • Vehicle must seat at least 3 passengers
  • Vehicle must be a Hatchback
  • Vehicle must have an engine capacity of between 650cc and 1500cc
  • Vehicle must be in good cosmetic condition.
Bolt Green

This is the latest online taxi service that is currently available in Nairobi

  • Vehicle must have been manufactured 10 years ago or earlier
  • Vehicle must seat four passengers
  • Vehicle must be a specious Sedan or Station Wagon
  • Vehicle must be in good cosmetic condition

However, In Nairobi, electric/hybrid vehicles are accepted for both Bolt Lite and Bolt Base, subject to logbook approval.

Bolt XL

Bolt XL services are available in Mombasa and Nairobi.
For any interested taxi driver who wish to apply, your vehicle must meet the below conditions;

  • Vehicle must be a 2008 or newer model
  • Vehicle must seat six passengers (the number of passenger seats must be indicated in the insurance policy)
  • Vehicle must be in good cosmetic condition.
Bolt Application Proccess for taxi drivers

For drivers who wish to join Bolt, one must first make sure that their vehicle meet the specified conditions and decide the precise area of operation,
To send your application to Bolt, log in to the taxify website and use the driver application portal to make the application, attach all the necessary documents and submit your application.
Once you have applied to join Bolt as a taxi driver, the company will review your application and if you qualify you will be conducted for further guidelines and arrangements before you can start working with Bolt.
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Is it worth it working with Bolt?

Bolt is one of the biggest online taxi companies in Kenya and beyond that offers the best rates to their taxi drivers.
Considering by signing up with Bolt it will be a gateway to accessing the ever growing number of online taxi customers, joining Bolt can be a life changing move for car owners with an interest in taxi business.
Gone are the days where vehicle owners relied on manual taxi business that limited taxi owners to a limited number of clients.
So, is it worth it? Yes it is, what one only needs to do is make a comparision between the various digital taxi servixe providers in the Kenyan market and identify one with favourable working conditions and with the best rates.

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