‘Reverse’ Covid-19 Testing method causing jitters among Kenyans

The introduction of Covid-19 anal swab testing is clearly coming out as a concern for many Kenyans.
While the method is lauded for its accuracy, most Kenyan are finding it hard to embrace the method with most condemning and casting stones to whoever came up with such a suggestion.
Many feel the method goes against African traditions and culture and some have sworn never to lower their underwears and allow a medical doctor to stand behind them and take the test.
Anal swabs require inserting a cotton swab three to five centimeters (1.2 to two inches) into the anus and gently rotating it to get the required swab.
According to the Chinese center for Disease Control and prevention’s instructions, a stool sample can also be taken from patients.
Already Chinese cities are using samples taken from the anus to detect potential COVID-19 infections as the country steps up screening to make sure no potential carrier of the new coronavirus is missed. This comes at a time the lunar new year is about to begin in February-a period when tens of millions of Chinese usually travel home to their families.
France has also carried out anal swab testing with results showing it is more accurate than the mouth sample testing.

Anal Swab testing
China and France are already carrying out anal swab Covid-19 testing: [Photo Courtesy]
Dr. Ahmed Khalebi a Kenyan pathologist says for long they have been carrying out tests using various methods of testing with anal swab being one of them and there is nothing to be termed as odd.
He said in the medical field anal swap and stool testing is just an ordinary method of extracting test sample from patients.
“if someone has COVID-19, it can be found in the stool and in the anus, we can pick the genetic material, the whole point of testing with the anal swab is that you are able to pick the viral RNA which is there for a longer time compared to the respiratory tract where it stays for a shorter period of time.”He stated
However, Dr Khalebi says it may not be practical for day to day testing.
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Here are some reactions from Kenyans
Abel Omwando-How does respiratory system relate to digestive system???? Does it mean I have been wearing face mask on the wrong place? I am not “boarding…”
Nichola Kyeva– If a mere sneeze carries those Covid viral droplets why go to such extremse to swab the boot?
Joseph Calvince- I think anal swab should be for patients who are unable give samples from their oral cavity. Come on who would lower his/her garments for such a heck
Dawoh Cybols -No problem,,,I can just give feaces to them ,,they swab it,,,, because anal swab ni criminal,,
Moses Mugala –Ata Kama ni corona I won’t allow anybody to screw my exhaust

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