Police Recruit changes KCSE Certificate E grades to B with pen to meet qualification

A bizarre incident took place in Naivasha during a police recruitment exercise that took place yesterday. One police candidate John Mwangi, 24 was arrested for allegations of changing his KCSE grades from E’s to B’s to meet the minimum grade requirement.
According to a report filed at Naivasha Ward, Nakuru County, the suspect who sat his KCSE in 2019, scored straight E’s but altered the grades to show that he had attained higher grades.
The alterations were done using a pen and police noticed they appeared different from the printed ones.
A close look at the KCSE Certificate showed that Mwangi had initially scored as follows: English E, Kiswahili E, Chemistry E, Mathematics E, Biology E, CRE E and Business E. Mwangi had a Mean Grade of E.
Looking to present himself in a better position, Mwangi allegedly altered the grades to reflect a B+ in English, B- in Kiswahili, B in Mathematics and a B- in CRE.
“He altered the certificate by use of a pen. He was arrested and placed in a cell waiting to be arraigned after completion of investigations,” the police report read in part.

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Police recruitment exercise was carried out yesterday in various parts of the county.
Just some few days ago, allegations of bribery cases were reported during the Military recruitment exercise that was recently concluded.
A number of recruits were arrested trying to bribe the recruiting officers.
In one incident, Police in Kisumu arrested a man who attempted to bribe KDF recruiting officers for a job.
The youthful man had written under his foot the amount of money he was willing to part with (Ksh.300,000) so as to secure recruitment into the forces.
He was arrested alongside his mother, who had accompanied him to the exercise. After interrogations, his mother pleaded guilty. Ksh. 450,000 was recovered. The two will be then arraigned in court and charged for trying to bribe their way into the recruitment process.

A number of military officers are also under investigation for allegation of asking for bribes from the recruits.

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