Mwala Speaks out on Ending Inspector Mwala Show

A bout a month ago Davis Mwalili popularly known as Inspector Mwala called it a day after retiring from his daily Good Morning show on Radio Citizen.
The actor came back at the station to speak about a number of issues among them his Inspector Mwala program that runs on Citizen TV.
Speaking to Willy M Tuva, Mwala hinted on a possibility of ending the show. He said the biggest reason as to why the show is still running is because of the welfare of the casts on the show.
“I can end the show anytime, I have already talked to the cast members to make preparation for smooth exit as I am likely to announced the end of the show when and if I like it at any time” Mwala stated
Mwala who owns and directs the show says the show entirely depends on him and without him the show will cease to exist.
“I run and oversea everything on the show, you see, when Papa died, that was the end of Papa Shirandula Show” He concluded
Mwala however insists that the show will continue running for now as he puts everything in place.
On his next move after retiring from his day Job at Radio Citizen, Mwala said he is taking his time off with family and only concentrating on personal projects.
The funny man was hailed for his contribution to both comedy and acting industry.
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Mwala advised the youths to seize the moment as it will come a time when they not have the energy to work.

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