Netflix Kenya New Subscription Charges

Netflix has revised its monthly subscription charges in Kenya and according to the new changes subscribers will have to pay atleast Ksh.250 more of the vedio streaming services.
The new changes follows the introduction of Digital Service Tax(DST) introduced by Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) that took effect some months ago.
According to the announcent by Netflix Kenya, the new changes on monthly subscriptions will take effect from 24th May.
The changes will see the standard package subscribers pay Ksh.1100 from the initial Ksh.950 per month. Premium subscribers will have to part with Ksh.1450 from the initial Ksh. 1200 per month.
On the other hand, Netflix basic subscribers will continue paying Ksh. 700 per months as it was before . However, they will have limited access to the services on the package.
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Businesses that leverage on digital platforms have been forced either take less profit from their customers or pass the expenses to the end consumer after the government slapped digital businesses with digita tax.
Already airbnb has taken a step and revised its prices and other companies seems to be following soot.
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A number of companies and digital service providers have already revised the price tag for their services upwords with many having issied notices to their clients on the upcoming changes.
Eith the upcoming changes, Netflix becomes the most expensive on demand streaming platform compared to Showmax’s mobile tier  which costs only KES 300. Prime Video cost USD 5.99 per month. However, they are not as popular as Netflix, although both have their nice perks too.

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