Naivas Supermarket forced to end recruitment exercise abruptly

Naivas supermarket was forced to suspend the recruitment exercise for various job vacancies they had advertised after they received an overwhelming number of applications.
Just under 24 hours after placing the job vacancies advert, the supermarket was shocked to receive over 10,000 applications.
In  a statement posted on its social media, the retailer explained that it was overwhelmed by the many who were competing for the opportunity
“We expected a huge interest in the recruitment drive but the number of applications received was nothing like what we anticipated. It is for this reason that we have had to close the application process for this recruitment drive,” part of the statement read.
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The Supermarket indicated that it had to close the round of the recruitment drive following the large number of applicants received.
Naivas had on Tuesday 30th announced job vacancies to fill various position but the retailer would hault the process a day later.
Many job seekers who had hoped to get jobs from the retailer criticised the move terming it unfair.

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