Exposed: How KCPE exam was copied from texbooks and leaked to private schools

It is no secrete that there are more questions than answers as to how a section of KCPE exams were copied directly from textbooks and presented to candidates as national exams.
But what has come out is a clear indication that the events in the recently concluded national exams may see candidates from private schools outdo their counterparts in public schools in their performance thanks to the reported leakage.
According to a report that appeared in the Daily Nation on Friday, the Kenya National Examinations Council lifted Social Studies and English exams from two text books that had been widely circulated to Class 8 candidates days before sitting for their national exams.
Apparently, the candidates, mostly those in private schools had already done the tests in February 2021 after purchasing the books published by Distinction Educational Publishers.
The questions which appears to have been directly lifted from the textbook were first revealed to the public by a post in the Teachers Notice Board Facebook page and went viral aftewards.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Secretary-General, Akelo Misori responded saying that while it is natural for exams to be formulated from the materials pupils have learned from, copy+pasting the same in a national exam indicates major flaws in the examination process in the country.
There were also claims that the science paper had a number of mistakes that might have caused confusion among learners.
This came at a time education CS Prof. George Magoha had warned centre managers and teachers against aiding exam cheating among candidates
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The examination body is yet to respond on how such a case happened and if or not any action will be taken against the parties involved.
Over 1.1 Million candidates sat for the recently concluded national KCPE exams in over 28,000 examination centres.

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