Zari Hassan: My son is not gay

Former Diamond Platinumz girlfriend and business lady Zari Hassan has come out to refute claims that his son Raphael Ssemwanga is gay.
On Wednesday, Zari Hassan’s son Raphael Ssemwanga, through a live Instagram video, revealed that he finds men more attractive than women.
In his revelation, Raphael acknowledged that he might be judged but that’s what he “sees” in his heart and “just what it is.”
Raphael pointed out that it is something he has been thinking about for too long and has come to the realization that he likes gents.
The revelation evoked talks around the interwebs with many asking Zari to comment on the issue.
Zari would later come out and refute the claim and revealed that his son actually has a girlfriend he started seeing at the age of 14 year.
“I think there have been videos trending on my son when he came out to claim that he is gay, and it has been blown out of proportion. I am going to be clear about one thing, Raphael is not gay, Raphael is dating, and he started dating when he was 14 years old. And when I say dating I don’t mean sleeping with girls,” Zari stated.

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She however affirmed that in case Raphael or any of his sons comes out as gay she will have no choice other than support him.
“If for instance or example Raphael turned out to be gay today I am going to tell you as his parent as his mom that it is something that I am going to support him through, it’s my duty as a parent because that will be a choice that he has decided in life,”
On why his son publicly came out to claim that he was gay, Zari while responding to a fun who had sought her answer said that she believes that her son was forced to the point of recording the video in order to discourage older women from disturbing him with their n*des on a daily.
“He actually has a girlfriend amechoka na takataka kumtongoza Dm. Wanawake wakubwa kumtumia uchi wao. Wengine kuomba omba Dollar. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is Gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone,” Zari replied.
Raphael is Zari Hassan’s second son from her marriage to late ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga. Zari also has two kids from a previous relationship with Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz.

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