Minicheps: A class Eight School Leaver Taking Creative Industry to a Whole New level

Catherin Chempkemboi is not your ordinary girl. The self-made visual artist is taking the creative industry to a whole new level through her minicheps small-statured photos where she captions her self doing extra ordinary activities.
The 25 year old from Nandi County says she knew that one day her idea will flourish and she has consistently worked out to perfect her art.
Speaking to Nation Media, Catherine says after completing class 8 she could not continue her education journey due to financial challenges.
“After school I went to Embu where I was employed as a house girl I told my parents I will find my way out.  I had no otherwise other than pave the way for my little siblings to have an education as well. My parents could not afford my secondary school fees”

Photo Source: Twitter @minicheps

From a house girl, Catherine ended up in Ruiru where she would do manual work at Mjengo sites but it was not too long before she found herself back to her first job.
Catherine who has amazed may by her creative small-statured visual art photos where she appears way much smaller than any human being says she fell in love with the art in 2019 and created her minicheps brand.
“I have been posting my art work from 2019 but no one was noticing them, It was only this year-2021 that my photos went viral” Catherine stated.
Photo Source: Twitter @minicheps

She says her work has been noticed by many and companies have started reaching out to her for advertisement although she is yet to make a deal with one.
“I have never earned from my work but thank God companies have started reaching out with intentions of partnering with me to advertise their products.”She stated
Photo Source: Twitter @minicheps

Catherine says her biggest challenge is getting a quality camera as the one she is using limits the quality of her work.
“I depend on light and therefore I can only shoot during daytime. I takes long before I can get a clear photo as the camera is not that good”

The visual artist is on a mission to capture beautiful moments around her in a comic way and share them with her fans.
The creative industry is on the rise and young Kenyans are find their way to make a mark and come up with a unique creative idea.
Last year saw the birth of various young people announce their presence through various creative ideas.
Azziad Nasenya and Flaqo are well known Kenyans whose creative ideas have seen them become brands.

Photo Source: Twitter @minicheps

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