Najib Balala- This is why I picked Naomi Campbell as our International Tourism Ambassador

Tourism cabinet secretary Najib Balala came under fire on Tuesday to explain why the tourism board picked on Naomi Campbell as the Magical Kenya International Tourism Ambassador and not our very own international star Lupita Nyongo.
In a statement, Balala posted and said that MS Campbell’s appointment to promote Kenyan tourism abroad is meant to strengthen the domestic market and not take away anything from it.
“Naomi Campbell will be Magical Kenya’s International Tourism Ambassador. That doesn’t take away from our domestic market, it only strengthens it.” Balala stated
A number of Kenyans had come out to criticize the appointment stating that the Tourism board was against their own.
One such was Hon Millicent Omanga who felt Lupita Nyongo would have been appointed in her place.
“Ministry of Tourism taps Naomi Campbell, a tired model who has lost her mojo to be the Magical Kenya international Brand Ambassador and is to market Kenya as a tourism and travel destination. Why not Lupita Nyongo or one of our daughters of international repute? Lol.” Millicent Omanga stated.
However, many were quick to defend the ministry stating that Campbell’s love for Kenya was way much more than Lupita’s lover for her country.
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Campbell happens to have visited Kenya on several occasions and openly stated her love for the country severally.
“Truth be told, Naomi Campbell visits Kenya more than Lupita. Lupita loves SA more than Kenya and when here, you’d think she dropped from heaven. Even Obama is more kawaida when here.” Blogger Robbert Alai stated.
In an official statement on Tuesday, the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife said Ms Campbell had been tasked with promoting Kenya as an ideal tourism and travel destination to the world.
This, according to the ministry, was agreed upon following a meeting between the 50-year-old Super English model and the Tourism CS.
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