How to Quit Your Job Like a Pro

There comes a time when your day to day job is no longer that fulfilling and having a fresh start is the only way to go. But this calls for one to make a decision, you will either have to quit your daily job and find another one that is more fulfilling or you will need to start your own line of work by going independent and becoming self-employed. It is for this reason that I have compiled for you this.
Jumping from one job to another may just be one way of solving a problem, but this will only work for you if you land your dream job and you have that piece of mind at your work place. Otherwise you might end up us well jumping from that bad job to another worse.
Should you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to weigh and ask yourself some key questions before you make a move. Only move to your new job when you are ready for the challenge and after understanding the actual task ahead of you.
On the other hand, going independent and being self-employed is more fulfilling and can give you that financial freedom you so desire. However this move is not for the faint hearten. This is like opening door of a house in the middle of a forest at night and trying to find your way out.
If you are opening up a new business, make sure you are prepared to face competition, and also you understand the risk involved. Study the market well before you start your business, otherwise you might be in for a rude shock.
Nowadays opportunities for self are so many and now people are moving away from that brick and mortar type of enterprises to the tech world. Starting your own blog and sharing your skills with the world can be one of the greatest ways to earn a living. However, it will take time before your blog can gain substantial number of visitors and start earning from it. There are various types of monetization you can go for among them, display advertising, affiliate marketing and you can as well sell your products and services directly to clients.

How to quit Your Job Like a pro

The following guidelines will help you make a decision before you can call it quit from your work

  • Make a decision in advance

The decision to quit should be arrived at way back before you actually quit. Take months or even a year planning on your exist plan. Put aside savings that will keep you going while out of work. If you are planning to go the self employment way, make sure your savings can be able to cater for your business capital

  • Discuss with your bosses on your intention

Just before you quit, talk to your boss concerning your intention. This way, your boss will be in a better position to understand and guide you through the resignation protocols at your place of work. If you are friendly to your boss, discuss with them the reasons for your intention.

  • Write a Resignation Letter

Once you are set and you have familiarized yourself with the resignation procedures at your work place. Draft a resignation letter and present it to your advance. Most institutions requires that you notify them of your intention 2 or three months in writing. This way, you will be entitled to the work related benefits from your employer.

  • Step Out

Congratulations, to this point you have done well and moved out from your toxic work. You have the whole world staring at you and with full of opportunities. Take a moment to relax and reflect on what you really want. Look at your achievements and failures and come up with a roadmap.

  • Get a fresh start

Now that you have an opportunity to start afresh, this is the time to start knocking on the new doors. If you had already secured a job elsewhere, this is the time to familiarize yourself with your new working environment.
In case your plan is to go independent, then do not waste any time, start and start with what you have. If there will be a need to readjust your life by minimizing expenditures you can do so by moving to a little bit smaller but affordable house, you can as well reduce your expenditures on leisure. If your children usually attend school and you are finding it much harder to afford their school fees, it is a wiser decision to move them to a more affordable school.
From here, hit the road and get going. Do not be afraid of what lies ahead. While the journey of self employment is full of uncertainties, do not give up. Take every step with pride and dedication. Trust the process and eventually it will pay off.

  • Adjust with time

Do not be swayed by overnight profit or the second months’ salary to go back to your usual lifestyle. Approach each moment with absolute precaution and take each moment at a time.
Once your businesses stabilize or your work has proven to be stable and well paying, only then you can start adjusting your life to a level that you can comfortable afford.
Life is a journey and an exam for that matter, do what you fill gives you the much desired satisfaction, do not be swayed by the progress of your friends, Do it your way and do it to your best.
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