Individuals with criminal records can now get police clearance certificate

convicted individuals or persons with previous criminal records can now apply and get police clearance certificate also known us certificate of good conduct in Kenya.
Police spokesperson revealed while on Citizen television JKL live show with jeff Koinange on 2nd December 2020. Owino stated that initially, individuals with criminal records were not able to be issued with a police clearance certificate due to their criminal record. However that has changed and the certificate is also available to individuals with criminal records.
“In the past if you had a criminal record you were not able to be issued with a police clearance certificate. However, currently we are not denying anybody the clearance certificate” Owino stated.
However, if you have a criminal record, the Police spokesman said it is usually indicated in your certificate. He said this is to inform whoever you are taking the certificate to that you had a criminal record so that they can make informed decision.
“If you are seeking for employment we shall issue you with the certificate however the criminal registrar will indicate the crime you committed in your certificate” he stated.
Owino stated that it was unfair to deny police clearance certificate to individuals with past criminal record owing to the fact that some of them do change.
The police clearance certificate is issued by the criminal registrar who keeps all the record of individuals who have ever been convicted.
To apply for the certificate you can see How To Apply For A Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

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