Why AON Minet is the best medical insurance provider for teachers

Minet insurance has been for around now and has been offering insurance cover for teachers in Kenya.The big question is why was Minet arrived at to offer health insurance to the largest civil servant group the teachers of Kenya.
When looking for the best value insurance, you should always look for more than just cheap prices, in as much as price is an important aspect, a valuable insurance policy should provide you with reliable coverage. This description fits well with Minet.
When it comes to insurance policies Minet insurance prides itself in offering this and many more.
When Covid-19 hit the country, most insurers were reluctant to offer medical cover for Covid-19 treatment. Most insurance companies decried Covid-19 treatment and management costs were way beyond the roof and therefore could not manage to offer cover.
It was during this uncertain time that TSC negotiated for medical insurance cover with Minet, so as to cover teachers who may contact the virus.
While other insurance companies were running away from the covering their clients Minet dared to follow the most unusual route and took it upon themselves to offer insurance cover to teachers in Kenya.
Minet is an established Pan-African advisor that was established almost 70 years ago.
Minet Kenya offers a range of insurance policies, among them flood insurance, funeral insurance, facultative insurance, risk benefits insurance and medical aid and group schemes.

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One of their most outstanding insurance cover is the AON Minet insurance scheme for teachers.
Ever since the teachers service Commission re-awarded AON Minet a three year contract, over  330,000 TSC employees have a reliable medical cover.
The cover does not only benefit the primary beneficiary but covers dependents as well such as spouse and children from birth to 25 years.
To help members easily access Minet services, one can easily access their services by dialing *340# USSD code on their safaricom line and follow the prompt. The process can also be done through their online platforms as well.
teacher registration on Minet
Those wishing to join Minet can also do so by dialing *865# using a Safaricom line. Their services can also be accessed through their online platforms or by visiting their various offices around the country.

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