[VIDEO]-Former Tahidi High actor Omosh burst into tears as he narrates his life ordeal

Former Tahidi high actor Joseph Kinuthia better known by his acting name Omosh has narrated how he is facing hard times due to poverty.
Omosh who was once a household name on Citizen TV Tahidi high show revealed that his ordeal begun when the Tahidi High show ended.
He would later start depending on handaouts from friends and little earnings from schools as a motivational speaker but that would later end when schools were shut down following the Covid-19 pandemic.
Speaking to Maina of Kamuhunjia Youtube Channel, Omosh confirmed that he is married to two wives one of them being ‘Miss Ngatia’ of the famous Tahidi high show.
Together with his two wives, Omosh says they are blessed with 5 children. However, Omosh admitted of being unable meet family needs and most of the time he would cry.
“Maisha imekuwa ngumu na hata watoi wanakuwa affected na vile maisha yangu imekuwa,” emotional Omosh stated.
“I wake up each day, address out just to go and roam around, I ask myself so many questions and most of the time I cry. I hardly get sleep” Omosh narrated.
Omosh said that he has not paid a single shilling towards rent for the past one year – with the rent arrears accumulating to over Ksh100,000. Omosh says he is so thankful to his landlord whom he says has not kicked him out despite accumulating huge arrears.
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“Providing food and other basic needs for my family has been a major problem as I have nothing. I only depend on friends.” He stated.
Asked on whether he is still battling with alcoholism, Omosh revealed that he was taken to a rehab by his sister and has since reformed.
“My sister took me to a rehab where I stayed for three months. I feel so relieved and I thank God am of sober mind now.” Omosh confirmed.
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Omosh said he is open to any job opportunity. He said he is a skillful driver and he wouldn’t mind if he gets a job offer. He also wishes to get something to keep him engaged and earn money and he wishes to open a hotel as well if he gets support.
In an effort to help him pay off his debts, a group of friends have come together to help raise money to help the man who kept Kenyans entertained on TV. The group also visited Omosh at his home.


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