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How to transfer money easily across different bank accounts 

You can transfer money from your bank account to another bank account easily using the PesaLink online banking.
This method allows account holders to easily transfer money between different accounts within the same bank e.g. Co-operative bank account to Co-operative bank account.
PesaLink also allows you to transfer money across different accounts from different bank accounts. For instance With PesaLink you can transfer money Easily from your Equity bank account to Co-operative bank account.
You can also conveniently make payments eg school fees payments, pay for goods and services  by transferring money from another local bank to the institution’s Bank account  you wish to send the funds to through PESALINK.

How to send money to any bank account using PesaLink.

To send money to a different bank account with PesaLink;

  • Login to your bank’s online banking or mobile banking app.
  • Select ‘PESALINK’ on the main menu.
  • Select ‘send to account’.
  • Enter the Bank account number you want to send money to.
  • Choose the BANK name eg KCB.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Select the account you want to transfer from.
  • Follow the steps to complete the transaction.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS with a link to a digital receipt which you can print.

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For this process to be successful, you need to have enough funds in your bank account to be able to transfer the money. Your mobile banking platform also needs to have the PesaLink option to be able to send money to a different bank account.

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