5 Habits That Will Keep You Poor For The Rest Of Your Life

Life is full of opportunities available for us. It however calls for seriousness and risk taking to get out, put your life together and define a path to success you wish to follow and follow it consistently.
While everyone desires to succeed financially in life, very few are willing to try and follow the principles that will propel them to success. Bad habits have gotten many stuck in poverty for the longest time. Here are some habits that will keep you poor for the rest of your life.

1. You just don’t get it

You are learned but you have never taken it upon yourself to put in practice what you learned in your college education to create wealth. You have knowledge but you don’t want to think too hard how to use it. You’re still stuck at the starting line all while your peers are practicing what they learnt. You are still waiting for this great idea of The easiest way to make money. My friend, you will wait forever, with your knowledge and skills, start small and grow bit by bit.

2. You Focus on linear income instead of passive income

Linear income in the name of a salary is the number one reason you will remain poor. While you draw the monthly salary, you have no or very little influence on how much you deserve or you should be paid. While the cost of living goes up and your needs increase over time, your salary remains the same and you only receive a salary increment once in a while.
Passive income on the other hand gives you power to determine how much you can make over a given period of time. Wise people focus on passive income in the name of royalties, interest rates, value addition and profit.
Living on a linear income is similar to fetching water from a river with your bucket each time you need water, with time you will run out of energy and you will no longer be able to go fetch water. You will then end up starving to death.
On the other hand, relying on passive income is similar to laying a water pipe from the water source to your house. Water will always flow to your house and you will have it whenever you need. While it may be costly and takes time to achieve this, you will have come up with a long term solution.
Linear income is a short term solution to a long term problem while passive income provides a long term solution to what would have rather been a long term problem.

3. You complain instead of committing

Are you the type of a person who complains for almost everything and anything? If yes, then chances are you will never succeed in anything you do. Give a complaining person an idea and they will give you a thousand reasons why it cannot work. Complainants will always find fault in anything however good it is.
Stop complaining and making lame excuses. Instead, take responsibility for your non-productive habits and focus on changing them – then do it!
As you complain many people are doing the same business you wanted to venture in, someone is starting the same business. As you lament how it cannot work, someone else is making it work. Retire your ego and have a life.
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4. You are still planning to start

Many people have great ideas but actualizing their dreams has always remained a nightmare for many. If you keep on postponing your idea, you will postpone it forever. While you’re stuck saying that you have no enough capital to start, someone else is busy making good use of whatever little they have.
When you’re busy complaining about a problem in your society, someone else is busy thinking how to start a business that solves that problem.The idea is, start small and start now.
To win a race you must begin from the starting point. No sprinter or a marathoner has ever won a race by remaining stuck at the starting point.
5 Habits That Will Keep You Poor For The Rest Of Your Life

5. You spend more than you earn.

Raising your expenditures consistently means you will reach a point where your earnings can no longer sustain you. If you want to spend more, start by getting ways to raise your earnings. Having multiple streams that generates income for you is one great way to avoid the debt trap.
If your earnings cannot sustain your expenditures, its time you trim your expenditure list and only spend on what your salary can sustain.
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It is no secret that this and many other habits not listed here can spell doom for your financial life. Whether skilled or unskilled you can learn something and begin small. There is not perfect time to get started, there is not enough capital to get started, there is nothing like the great skills you wish you had that should keep you from starting. Start with what you have, start with what you know, do not wait for tomorrow to get started, start now.

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