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How to Pay Mshwari Loan Using Fuliza

Settling your Mshawri loan is one step I the right direction to be able to qualify for more loans. It is now possible for Mshwari customers to settle their overdue loans using Fuliza. This article will walk you through eh process and things you need to know on how to best use your Mshwari and Fuliza loans when in a fix.

Mshari starts at a limit of Ksh.2000 and you have a grace period of 1 month to make the loan repayment. While making the loan repayment at the end of the month can help you qualify for more loans, It’s the  effect of late payment that can negatively affect your credit worthiness. It is therefore important you settle your Mshwari loan on time.

How to pay your Mshwari loan using Fuliza

To pay you Mshawri loan using Fuliza you will need to have a second Safaricom Mpesa SIM card. Since Fuliza work on a principle of topping up to send or make payment to another line or Till, you can easily do so and borrow Fuliza loan and send it to your Safaricom line with Mshwari Loan.

The amount you will be able to secure will depend on your Fuliza loan limit. But first, you will need to have opted in to Fuliza service.

To pay your Mshwari loan using Fuliza, follow the steps below;

  • Get second SIM card that is registered with Mpesa and opt into Fuliza
  • Check your Fuliza limit
  • Go to Mpesa
  • Select send money
  • Enter the phone number with Mshari balance
  • Enter the amount you wish to send to your Mshwari SIM card (In consideration of your Fuliza limit)
  • Select Fuliza to top up the amount and enter the amount you wish to borrow from Fuliza
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN and send

Once you send the money to your phone number with Mshari loan, you can now use the amount to settle the Mshwari loan.

That’s it. It is important to pay your Mshwari loan balance on time to avoid penalties. On the other hand, you will also be required to pay the Fuliza loan on your second phone number on time to avoid penalties.

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