How to Choose your NHIF Outpatient Facility

NHIF has made it easier for anyone to choose their NHIF outpatient facility. You no longer need to visit NHIF office to select the facility you would wish to get the outpatient facility. This can now easily be done through the NHIF online portal. In this article I will take you through the process of selecting your NHIF facility and also guide you to understand what is the deference between outpatient facility and inpatient facility.

What is NHIF outpatient facility?

Your NHIF outpatient facility is a hospital you have chosen to receive medical attention on the go without the need of getting your admitted. As the principal your dependents will be able to access outpatient services from the same facility.
On the other hand an Inpatient facility is a hospital that you can be admitted in and get treatment under the NHIF cover. While all NHIF contributors can be admitted in any NHIF accredited hospital and get their medical bills covered by NHIF, one can only select and choose one NHIF accredited outpatient hospital. They will only be able to get outpatient services from the hospital facility they have chosen and get their bills covered by NHIF.
There are three ways one can use to choose or change their outpatient facility. They are; Through the NHIF Self-Help Portal, through My NHIF mobile app and finally by use of short SMS USSD code *155#

How to Choose an Outpatient facility Online

To choose your outpatient facility of your Choice using the NHIF Self-Help Online Portal;

  1. Visit the NHIF Self-care Online Portal using your phone or computer
  2. Enter your ID Number to login
  3. A One Time Password (OTP)will be sent to the phone you used to register with NHIF system
  4. Enter the OTP eg 3679
  5. Click verify
  6. Click on the facilities menu in the homepage
  7. Select the county the facility is located in
  8. Choose or change a hospital to the one you prefer
  9. Repeat the process for each and every dependant


How to Choose Outpatient Hospital through My NHIF App
  1.  Download the app by going to Google play store or Appstore
  2.  Download My NHIF app
  3.  Click on Other Services menu
  4.  Enter your ID number eg 24786996
  5.  Click on Request OTP
  6.  Enter the code sent on your phone for verification
  7. Login to the application
  8. Click on choose outpatient facility if choosing for the first time
  9. Click on change outpatient facility if changing it to a new one
  10. Repeat the process for each and every dependant
How to Choose your Outpatient Hospital via phone (USSD)
  1.  Using your phone, dial *155#
  2. Enter your preferred language i.e English or Kiswahili
  3. Enter your ID number eg 2468986
  4. Enter the one-time password (OTP)sent to your phone
  5. Verify OTP
  6. Enter the OTP password
  7. Click on choose hospital if you are selecting for the first time
  8. Click on change hospital if you are changing the facility to a new one
  9. Type the county is located in
  10. Type the name of the hospital and confirm
  11. Repeat the above process for each and every dependant
How Many Outpatient Hospitals Can I Choose?

Unfortunately you can only choose one outpatient hospital at a time. However if you are not satisfied by services at your current outpatient facility or you can are far from the facility, you can change your facility to your preferred choice. This can be done quarterly ie January, April, July and October

How do I Change My Outpatient facility?

To change your outpatient facility

  1. Log into the NHIF Self-Help Portal
  2. Enter your ID to access your Profile
  3. From here you will see your current Outpatient facility if you had one before.
  4. If you did not have one before the outpatient facility section will be blank.
  5. Click on the Change outpatient facility button
  6. Select one from the list of NHIF accredited
  7. Then confirm by pressing okay.


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