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How to Change or Correct your TrueCaller Name

Many people have found themselves in a situation where the TrueCaller name displayed while making calls is a wrong one or they just want to change their truecaller name and use a different one. There are also cases where one would wish to correct their Truecaller details.
In some cases one would wish to completely delete their true caller name from the App. so how do you go about? In this article we take a look at various ways one can unlist, change or add their true caller names to suit their needs.

How to Change or Correct your TrueCaller Name

Truecaller app helps individual find out the true identity of the caller. This is made possible by the app when it displays the caller name of a new number that is not in their phone book. This app is used by many to determine the strangers behind a number calling them before picking their calls.
However, there are many cases where the number displayed is not the real name of the caller. Truecaller mostly collects information from individuals social media accounts to use as their profile names. This leads to a miss match in cases where individual’s names on social media or email are different from their actual names.
Apart from picking the social media names, there are cases where individuals used custom names during the initial set up of the TrueCaller app. By using a custom name, one can opt to use any unique name other than their real names.

How to Change or Correct your TrueCaller Name

There are two methods one can use to change their Truecaller names. One is through the Truecaller app and the other method one can use to change their TrueCaller names is through the TrueCaller web page.

How to change TrueCaller Name Using Mobile App
  1. Find the TrueCaller Mobile App on your phone. If you do not have it download and install it through eh Appstore for iPhone Users or Play Store for android users
  2. Open the app
  3. Select the Menu button
  4. Click on Edit Profile option
  5. Click on Edit icon opposite to your profile name
  6. Enter your First Name the way you want it to appear on TrueCaller
  7. Enter your Last name as you want it to appear on TrueCaller
  8. Click on Save Changes.

How to change your truecaller name
Image Credit: TrueCaller

That’s it, by following this simple steps your TrueCaller name will automatically be updated. Your callers will be able to see the new and correct name displayed above your number whenever you call them.

How to change TrueCaller name on TrueCaller Web page

You can also change your TrueCaller display name by logging into the TrueCaller website. To do this;

  1. Go to TrueCaller website
  2. Use your phone number or email account or social media account that you used to register to log into your TrueCaller account.
  3. Once logged in, search for your phone number in the search bar
  4. Now click on ‘Suggest a better name’ option and input the correct name you wish to use
  5. That’s it

It is good to note that this method may take a while for approval. For faster approval, TrueCaller suggests sending an e-mail with your phone number including the country code and your name.
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However, your name should be able to change after sometime.
The first method may also not provide instant results. In this case do not worry if your new changes do not reflect immediately. Give it time and sooner than letter your TrueCaller name will reflect the latest changes you made.
Apart from these options, you can also choose to deactivate and unlist your phone number from Truecaller