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How to become a Glovo rider in Kenya

Glovo is an on-demand courier service provider that facilitates purchases, pick-ups and deliveries of various products that are ordered through their mobile App. In Kenya, Glovo has continued to offer the services in Nairobi and its environs with plans to expand to other towns in the process.
Glovo model of service delivery has created a number of job opportunities through their courier services. And now, Glovo offers opportunities to riders to aid in deliveries of products requested by various customers.
As you know, Glovo has partnered with various outlets for customers to purchase products through their Mobile App and glovo is responsible for delivering these products to customers in various parts within Nairobi.
This business model requires efficient and reliable transport system to make sure purchased products get to buyer quickly and efficiently from the shop. To necessitate these,glovo allows individuals with vehicles or motorbikes to partner with glovo and earn a commission on deliveries they make.

How to become a glovo rider
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How To Register as a Glovo rider

How to become a Glovo rider.If you own a motorbike and you reside within Nairobi, its high time you consider becoming a glovo rider. By signing up on the glovo site you will be issued with a form to fill before your application can be accepted.
If your application is accepted you will be able to deliver the on demand products to various customers through the app and get compensated as per each order depending on your experience and ratings.
The good thing about working as a glovo rider is that there is room for collaboration that gives you freedom to choose where you connect and what orders you accept.

What you need to be a glovo rider

Before you can be accepted as a glovo rider, you will need to have some tools of work and and make sure your vehicle or motorbike is insured.
Glovo accepts riders with Bikes, motorcycle, or a vehicle before you can appy. You must have the proper documentation and under insurance cover.
Apart from that, you will also need to have a well functional iphone ore android smartphone as the connections are done via the Mobile App.
Glovo also limits individuals who can sign up as riders to the age of 18 years and above.
As they have stated, Glovo couriers are users who want to help people save time and make their lives a bit easier. With a smile on their faces, couriers spread good vibes and cheer.
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